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Jobs by Region

MBA Jobs in Asia - @mbajobs_asia
MBA Jobs in Africa - @mbajobs_africa
MBA Jobs in the Middle East - @mbajobs_me
MBA Jobs in Eastern Europe - @mbajobs_eeurope
MBA Jobs in Western Europe - @mbajobs_weurope
MBA Jobs in Latin America - @mbajobs_latam
MBA Jobs in the USA, New-England - @mba_jobs_usa_1 : Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts...
MBA Jobs in the USA, Mid-Atlantic - @mba_jobs_usa_2 : New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey.
MBA Jobs in the USA, East North Central - @mba_jobs_usa_3 : Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio.
MBA Jobs in the USA, West North Central - @mba_jobs_usa_4 : Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska...
MBA Jobs in the USA, South Atlantic - @mba_jobs_usa_5 : Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, West...
MBA Jobs in the USA, East South Central - @mba_jobs_usa_6 : Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama
MBA Jobs in the USA, West South Central - @mba_jobs_usa_7 : Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana
MBA Jobs in the USA, Mountain - @mba_jobs_usa_8 : Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona...
MBA Jobs in the USA, Pacific - @mba_jobs_usa_9 : Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii
MBA Jobs WorldWide - @mbajobpostings

Jobs by Industry

MBA Jobs in Consulting - @mbajobs_consult
MBA Jobs in Finance - @mbajobs_finance
MBA Jobs in FMCG and Packaged Consumer Goods - @mbajobsconsumer
MBA Jobs in Healthcare - @mbajobs_health
MBA Jobs in Social Enterprise, Social Entrepreneurship or Social Media - @mbajobs_social
MBA Jobs in Telecommunications - @mbajobs_telecom

Other feeds

MBA Recruiter Guide - @mbaschoolguide
MBA Online Events - @mbaonlineevents


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