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Cargill Australia was established in 1967 to serve the country’s large grain export industry and has since extended its involvement into several other agricultural and industrial areas. These areas include oilseed and meat processing, grain and oilseed storage and flour milling. Cargill Australia headquarters is located in Melbourne.

Cargill started trade with China soon after President Nixon’s visit in 1972. Cargill’s annual trade value with China today exceeds US$ 3 billion. Currently, Cargill sells grains, oilseeds, steel products, sugar, fruit juices, meats and other commodities to China while exporting Chinese commodities such as steel, apple juice and corn. Cargill operates 25 wholly owned companies and joint ventures within 16 provinces in China. Projects range from soybean crushing in Guangdong to corn processing in Jilin and animal feed production in Sichuan. Other Cargill businesses produce food ingredients and provide integrated solutions to food customers. Cargill and its joint ventures employ over 3000 people in China.

Cargill promotes sustainable agriculture and a secure food supply for China. To meet these objectives, the company works to improve efficiencies and add value in the production, processing, distribution and trade of agricultural products in China, which will ultimately lead to higher incomes for Chinese farmers and better food security for Chinese consumers. Cargill actively seeks further guidance and support for its activities from the Chinese Government and partners to better understand the needs and the requirements of Chinese market to ensure collaboration on achieving China’s agricultural goals.

Cargill Investments (China) Ltd. is a wholly owned investment holding company headquartered in Shanghai, with branch offices in Beijing and Dalian.

Cargill opened its first sales office in Japan in 1956. In Japan, Cargill plays a significant role in handling grain, oil, feed ingredients, meat, fruit juice, functional food additives, malt and other products.

Cargill Japan engages in the arrangement of transportation, processing, product development, sales and marketing of commodities to satisfy customer needs across a diverse field of products. The business is also developing markets for unique environmentally friendly products that are produced from renewable resources. The business also develops new food ingredients with health-promoting qualities.

Toshoku Ltd merged with Cargill Japan to form Cargill Japan Limited on June 1, 2007. Cargill Toshoku is a unique food marketing group with more than 60 years of history, with close business relationship with major food companies in Japan. Cargill Toshoku not only represents Cargill products, but provides various food solutions based on the needs of customers.

Charitable giving and community involvement activities are carried out throughout Cargill locations around the world. In Japan, Cargill is involved in various volunteer activities including forest preservation activities in the suburb of Tokyo, through cutting weeds and planting nursery trees in the forest. We also visit an elderly home to help wash wheel chairs and participate in YMCA charity run to raise funds to support their summer camp for handicapped youth.

We believe it is important that our employees work with high ethical standards, respect each other and work in a safe environment.

Cargill’s presence in Pakistan began in 1984 in the seeds division. In 1989, it expanded its presence to include Kinnow Juice. Currently, Cargill in Pakistan employs four people, who trade palm oil imported from Malaysia & Indonesia. Other Cargill products such as cotton, fertilizer, oilseeds, wheat and sugar are sold through locally appointed agents.

Singapore is the headquarters of Cargill’s Asia-Pacific activities. Cargill opened its Singapore office in 1974 and has 300 employees working there today. In fiscal year 2002, Cargill- Singapore sales amounted to more than US$1.5 billion.

Cargill has a continuing commitment to Asia. We are expanding our businesses through acquisitions and joint ventures, and are bringing innovative strategies to our customers in order to help them succeed. Asia is one of the largest and most important markets globally for Cargill. We have terrific relationships with our suppliers and customers, and are consistently working to bring value to each country through quality and food safety.

Cargill Asia Pacific was awarded the 2000/01 Singapore International Trade Award from Senior Minister Lee Kwan-Yew during a televised ceremony. Cargill was granted the award for outstanding achievements and significant contributions made to increase Singapore's prosperity via international trade by the Trade Development Board. “These awards are endorsements of the company’s performance as international traders, as well as their contributions to Singapore’s economy,” said Stephen Lee, Trade Development Board’s Chairman.

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