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Unlocking the Three-fold Secret to Great Leadership

The authors of Power Score: Your Forumula for Leadership Success, Geoff Smart, Randy Street and Alan Foster, talk about the formula for the management success. Based on extensive amount of research, which included 15,000 interviews with CEOs and other business leaders, the authors have concluded there are three key factors for leadership success: Priorities, Who, and Relationships. So what do L...
Zana Zidansek, University Of Geneva '15 | July 31, 2015 0   

Interviews are not about you !!!

So often we can forget what an interview's all about. It sure feels like it's about you, but it's really not. An interview is actually about HOW YOU CAN HELP YOUR FUTURE BOSS AND FUTURE EMPLOYER SUCCEED. It's about finding out what their requirements and hopes are and matching up your background and experience with what they need. Whatever you share about you would be a lot more impactfu...
, Admin | June 22, 2015 1   

Printing Revolution

The idea and the first patents round what we know today as 3D printing can be traced back to the 1980s when Charles Hull invented a technique called stereolithography. Although its long history, only in the last few years this technology became widely available. Because of rapid development within new markets printers are getting cheaper and cheaper, with prices typically in the range of US$250 ...
, Hult International Business School '15 | June 19, 2015 0   
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The GIS Leadership Development Program - A Closer Look

Whirlpool's Global Information Systems Leadership Development Program (GISLDP) develops the future leaders of Whirlpool Corporation's Information Systems organization. During this unmatched three-year rotational program, members receive forward-thinking career development challenges and experience in what it takes to envision, design, develop, and operate information systems that support a global...

Impressions of the Career Development Program Air Products

Since 1959, Air Products has invested in the development and progression of undergraduate and graduate students looking to gain valuable, challenging and exciting work experiences in many different fields. Hear firsthand the experiences of current and former Career Development participants. Learn more about the "MBA Career Development Program".

What makes Accenture different for MBA hires?

Listen to perspectives from members from our Accenture Strategy leadership - Ryan Pearce, Sonja Gupta, Daniel Benton and Claire Yang - as they discuss what working within the Accenture Strategy team is about, and how you as an MBA graduate will benefit from being a part of the team. Learn more about the "Accenture - Strategy MBA Internships".

What are the leadership skills that matter most today?

Watch Lorenzo Simonelli, President & CEO of GE Oil & Gas, discuss how leaders can succeed by being more flexible, inclusive, and collaborative. Visit our directory of all GE leadership programs with a synthesis of each program structure, duration, location, eligibility, work permit, etc.

An experience on Management or Leadership,or both...

Im not sure if people feel the word leadership has being thrown around so much, and for any context, that at times it loses some meaning. That you become one a leader just by reading or repeating the word enough times. Or, that just by doing an activity, or an MBA for that matter, you are one. I wonder how real leaders feel about the use of the word? So, for fun lets call it the L Word. ...
, HEC School Of Management - Paris '16 | August 30, 2015 0   

Funding an MBA

One of the biggest concerns when applying for an MBA is how to fund it. To some people, depending on their home country, this might not be such a stressful issue. For others, as myself, it was not only a deal breaker but also very complex. Ill share my story with you and hope it gives a new perspective on options you might look for. I was living in Chile for 5 years prior to my MBA in HEC Par...
, HEC School Of Management - Paris '16 | August 29, 2015 0   

US Open Tennis 2015 Live Streaming Final Scores Results

US Open 2015 Live Streaming, US Open Tennis 2015 Live : Tennis US Open 2015 is just around the corner, through this article we are facilitating you watch US Tennis open 2015 live on your laptop screens, phones, tabs. As we had already updated the schedule or fixtures of US Open tennis. From 31st August, all the Tennis fans are just looking for the sites to watch US open live. All the official sit...
siddu Reddy, UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA - CHARLOTTE '88 | August 28, 2015 1