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It is all about LEADERSHIP

Allow me to share with you a unique story of a company that is older than the country in which it is headquartered, a company that has switched industries time after time, a company that had its share of difficult times to the point of getting on the verge of bankruptcy, desperately seeking a buyer...
, Admin | December 16, 2014 0   

Strategic business risks: The Reputation Risk – Social licence to operate for mining companie

One of my favourite examples, when it comes to business risks, is the mining industry – given my background of almost 4 years in a TSX gold mining junior company that is running a still-permitting large scale open cast project in Romania. The most important risk – given that the deposit is proven a...
, Hult International Business School '14 | October 22, 2014 6   

Inflation in India-switch from WPI to CPI

What is inflation to man today? Is it the daily haggling and cursing over the rising vegetable prices or is it the rich and almighty sighing over the increase in price of a BMW 6 Series from Rs.1.15 crores to Rs.1.30 crores? However you define this term, it does hurt mankind as a whole and yet we c...
, Indian School Of Business '15 | October 12, 2014 0   

Strategic choices for banks in the digital age

If the last epoch in retail banking was defined by a boom-to-bust expansion of consumer credit, the current one will be defined by digital. This will include rapid innovation in payments and the broader transformation in systems enabled by digital technologies. The urgency of acting is acute. Banks...

Cyber War Games

Governments are preparing their defenses against cyber-attacks. The year has just began and the cyberspace is already full of activities. Within this first days of 2015 we saw a Britain being arrested due involvement with the Sony/Xbox hack, the Twitter and YouTube account of Pentagon hacked, an...
, Hult International Business School '15 | January 19, 2015 0   

Hiring an Executive Search Firm – Things to Know

Hiring top executives who can both manage and lead the organization effectively is a major challenge. When a firm makes vital senior level appointments, the risks are high. For such top-level roles, the basic salary is normally more than $150,000. Moreover, an organization will be looking for the m...
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CEO Worldwide's offices new telephone numbers

Dears, We wish you all the best for the upcoming year! CEO Worldwide's offices telephone numbers have changed: USA +1 646 898 2014 UK +44 203 137 2581 France +33 970 448 419 Germany +49 402 1091 2161 India +91 124 663 7651 Kind regards, CEO Worldwide Team
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Learning Machines

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is being used to boost human capacities. I don’t know about you, but the first thing that come to my mind when someone say “Artificial Intelligence” is: “SKYNET!” Yes, that SKYNET. From the movie “Terminator”. The one that destroy almost all humanity except for ...
, Hult International Business School '15 | January 12, 2015 0   

Chasing the perfect data

Business Analytics is expecting to create new markets. Accordingly to Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries, data are the facts and information that we create, collect and/or research to find out things or to make decisions. And big data? As reported by IBM the humanity produce 2.5 quintillion bytes of d...
, Hult International Business School '15 | January 9, 2015 0   

Are we safe?

The security of our information and lifestyle. Sony hacked; North Korea attacked; South Korea nuclear firm threatened; German steel mill ‘damaged’; Xbox and PlayStation network crashed; just to enumerate some of the most recent cyber-attacks in 2014. What activity and/or industry is not curre...
, Hult International Business School '15 | January 2, 2015 0