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Stop sending out boring resumes

A very useful advice from a CEO about writing an interesting resume! I will certainly apply it in the future. Influence in day-to-day life is hard enough to achieve, let alone execute on paper. I have written and read more resumes than I would care to admit. As a CEO, for some years n...

Weekly Tips and Tools for Job Searching

This issue simply provides not only general advice on eliminating stress and uncertainty in the job search but also specific advice to increasing enthusiasm in an interview.
, Hult International Business School '13 | March 17, 2014 0   

Hiring Gen Y Talent and the Recruiting Skillset 3.0

These past couple of months we focused our blog on recruiting Gen Y talent. We covered why overcoming skepticism towards hiring Generation Y is a smart idea for your business. We explained that sourcing and attracting Gen Y is not a Mission Impossible and we helped decipher the Gen Y job interview ...

Unforgettable People, Unforgettable Experience

Upon my first interview here at Schneider Downs & Co., I was a senior at La Roche College and in the middle of a very busy fall semester. Iíd been juggling the responsibilities of being a full-time student, a full-time assistant coach to the Varsity Boysí Lacrosse team at Seneca Valley, Head Coach ...
, Hult International Business School '15 | September 11, 2014 0   
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PricewaterhouseCoopers US is Hiring!!!

If you have a professional background in Financial Services, Risk Management, Compliance, or Business Continuity Management, feel free to contact me. Hopefully, you re currently working. PwC US may have positions available for you, especially for US citizens and permanent residents.
, Hult International Business School '13 | September 4, 2014 0   

How to win over your future employer in just eight minutes

Make sure you are well prepared before an interview. You will only have 8 minutes to convince ! It is not just about the clothes you wear, eye contact or the smile... What about the content I prepared for the interview ? Do I have real examples to showcase my skills and achievements ? What do I kn...

What Strategy Is Not

There are plenty of definitions of strategy. This article gives an interesting spin regarding what strategy is NOT. "My strategy is to win the 400 meters at the Olympics". This is a goal, NOT a strategy "My strategy to win the 400 meters at the Olympics is by running faster than anyone else"....
, Admin | August 20, 2014 0   

Overcoming the risk of failure

"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?" Vincent van Gogh Are you stuck in place and afraid to act because you are afraid you might fail? If so, you arenít alone! Most of us at some time find ourselves immobilized by the fear of failure, especially when the possibility...