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Strategic business risks: The Reputation Risk – Social licence to operate for mining companie

One of my favourite examples, when it comes to business risks, is the mining industry – given my background of almost 4 years in a TSX gold mining junior company that is running a still-permitting large scale open cast project in Romania. The most important risk – given that the deposit is proven a...
, Hult International Business School '14 | October 22, 2014 5   

Inflation in India-switch from WPI to CPI

What is inflation to man today? Is it the daily haggling and cursing over the rising vegetable prices or is it the rich and almighty sighing over the increase in price of a BMW 6 Series from Rs.1.15 crores to Rs.1.30 crores? However you define this term, it does hurt mankind as a whole and yet we c...
, Indian School Of Business '15 | October 12, 2014 0   

Stop sending out boring resumes

A very useful advice from a CEO about writing an interesting resume! I will certainly apply it in the future. Influence in day-to-day life is hard enough to achieve, let alone execute on paper. I have written and read more resumes than I would care to admit. As a CEO, for some years n...

Sporting and Fashion Goods Sourcing Outlook - Learn to play on multiple 'Pianos' simultaneously!

In simple terms: the good old days of "cheap and easy" sourcing are over. Forever! While some brands are in the search of new destination of lower labor costs, e.g. Cambodia, Myanmar or Bangladesh, it is quite often overlooked, that labor costs is correlated to two other factors: availability and q...
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HP to split, hiving off PCs and Printers

HP announced its intention to separate the personal-computer and printer business from its corporate hardware and services operations. The idea is that with a narrower focus the company will perform better. In my opinion this could be possible for the PC and Printer segment, because it is a fact th...
, Hult International Business School '15 | November 3, 2014 0   

The six biggest mistakes of managing an introvert

Do you supervise individuals would might describe themselves as an introvert? If the answer is “yes,” you may want to take a moment to examine how you manage them. In many cases, we hold misconceptions about introversion, which can lead to ill-fated supervisory decisions. I’d like to point you in t...

Nightmares of the 16 Myers Briggs Types

Remember Myers Briggs and the 16 personality types. In honor of Halloween, here are possible nightmares of the 16 types…
, Admin | October 31, 2014 0