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6 Things Out Of The Comfort Zone That L’Oréal Recruiters Look For In Talent

Magic does happen out of the comfort zone because you actually discover who you really are and what you are capable of. But what are those sometimes-awkward-things that our recruiters value the most in candidates? Here are a few examples but we leave it up to you to live, experience and share with us the rest.

Connect with new people
The more the merrier. Connecting at L’Oréal is not only important to wider your network, it is an important way to learn from others. Recruiters want to see that you have the ability to bond with other people and create cooperation relationships. Therefore, do not forget to mention your social skills!

Taking the lead
Leading challenging projects is something that happens every day at L’Oréal. Recruiters are likely to engage people who have assumed the leadership in a project or taken responsibility into their hands. We know those things are scary, but if you overcome the fear you become more powerful! Don’t hesitate to show this on your interview, those big challenges you have assumed are a great source of experience.

Striving a lot and enjoying results
People at L’Oréal are hard-workers. We strive to have the best results and do better things each time - don’t think this is just about achieving, it is also about recognizing efforts and enjoying them. Remember, when presenting your CV or having your interview you should mention all your achievements and results, be proud of everything you have struggled for!

Exploring new cultures and learning languages
L’Oréal really values diversity, you can find a hundred nationalities in the same place. Thus, learning languages and being open to communicating and get to know other cultures is extremely important. Mention any immersion into other culture you have had (cultural research counts too), the languages you dominate and other cultural elements that you consider important :)

Trying new things
L’Oréal encourages the entrepreneur spirit. Whether it is a backpack trip, having started a business or project, move to a new city, come up with new ideas or doing whatever is new for you, share it! Recruiters want to see that you are ready to innovate and break paradigms.

Refueling our curiousness about the world
Don’t you think our recruiters are just looking for people with years and years of experience in a field or the beauty industry, not at all - the most important thing is your willingness to learn and discover, to stay curious. L’Oréal invites you to come as you are and not be afraid of sharing what you really think, you can be our next innovator.

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Posted on July 6, 2017