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Why India’s Smartphone Revolution Is a Double-edged Sword

Very interesting Knowledge@Wharton article. The explosion of affordable smartphones is converting three new users per second !!! For most of them, “the smartphone is their first camera, first TV, first video device, first Walkman, and first MP3 player. It may even be their first alarm clock and calculator,”. This tsunami is having a significant impact on India's culture. The smartphone ...
Profile PictureBilal Ojjeh, Admin | January 23, 2019 comment 0   

Capitalizing on Asia’s digital-banking boom

Since 2011, adoption of digital-banking services has soared across Asia. Consumers are turning to computers, smartphones, and tablets more often to do business with their banks, while visiting branches and calling service lines less frequently. In developed Asian markets, Internet banking is now near universal, and smartphone banking has grown more than threefold since 2011. In emerging Asian mar...
Profile PictureMarco A. Sahli, Webster University '05 | March 6, 2015 comment 0   

Where the Digital Economy Is Moving the Fastest

Interesting read about where the next billion online consumers will come from. "We may be on a journey toward a digital planet — but we’re all traveling at different speeds."
Profile PictureInge Lok, Kingston Business School '15 | February 28, 2015 comment 0   

Time will tell

Very soon, Nigeria will be going to the polls to elect its president. Despite its position as the biggest economy in the African continent, it is yet to scratch its potential. As it is usually the case with its elections, businesses, multinationals and partner countries slow down activities pending the outcome of the elections, watching out for signs of unrest. This shouldn't be the case. Fortu...
Profile PictureOluwamuyiwa OMOYELE, Aston Business School '16 | February 19, 2015 comment 0   

Alibaba begins drone delivery trials in China

"Even though it's very limited in scope, Taobao [Alibaba's marketplace division] is delivering real goods to real people, which is a step further than its Western counterpart Amazon has gone. That said, which company will actually roll out a fully functioning drone-based delivery service remains to be seen and [such a deployment] is still a long way off."
Profile PictureInge Lok, Kingston Business School '15 | February 5, 2015 comment 1   

South Africa's two biggest online retailers announce a merger

The two leading etailers in South Africa, and, announced that they are merging their operations. The need to scale to effectively compete with local bricks and mortar stores as well as foreign etailers like Amazon were cited as the main drivers behind the move. Once approved by the competition commission the merged company will trade under and is expected to...
Profile PictureInge Lok, Kingston Business School '15 | October 10, 2014 comment 0   

How Poland become Europe's most dynamic economy.

A very interesting article. I would call it overly optimistic, but there is a lot of truth in it. To me, Poland seems to be achieving a relatively high growth, as it has the best features of both developed and emerging markets: a large catch-up potential, underdevelopment of some sectors, but also stable macroeconomic and political situation. The influx of EU funds as well as institutional change...
Profile PictureRemi Piwowarski, INSEAD '14 | March 2, 2014 comment 0   

What is more important for a business: A good strategy or a leader?

Irving Frydman (Marketing & PR for IT Industry|Content Marketing|Writer|Social Media|LinkedIn Trainer) stated that: I would pick leadership over strategy because without a good leader, strategy execution will have very little chance of success. So what makes good leaders? They tend to be excellent communicators and know how to translate strategy into action across and deep within the organiz...
Profile PictureRenjith Bhadran, Nottingham University Business School '13 | January 24, 2014 comment 0   
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Employee satisfaction or Customer satisfaction : what's more important?

It makes me think that for an organization which is more important: Employee satisfaction or Customer satisfaction? I hope it is going to be a very difficult question to be answered.
Profile PictureRenjith Bhadran, Nottingham University Business School '13 | January 24, 2014 comment 2   
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MBAs need a fresh set of skills for the 21st century

Companies need managers who can appreciate different ways of doing business in various countries. If the goal of the MBA programme is to develop tomorrow’s business leaders, then business schools need to think harder about what that future will be. Many will say that this future is international, and the challenge of increasing globalisation is one that students and schools should be looking t...
Profile PictureLionnel Kamokoué, Reims Management School '14 | December 15, 2013 comment 0