Development support

In addition to the assignments, Aker Solutions International Talent Programme will provide the following tools:

Regular, intensive workshops bring the programme’s talents together, building up their personal networks, sharing
experience and delivering relevant training from key Aker Solutions personnel and other carefully selected resources.

Mentoring concept
The mentoring concept is integral to the success of the International Talent Programme. A personal mentor with extensive
experience and coaching abilities will provide a talent with continuity through the durations of the programme.

The mentor will act as a resource for exploring current issues and areas for personal development; help to see the bigger
picture, help you outline your opportunities, support you with an extensive network of colleagues and clients and ease
the transition into Aker Solutions' organisational culture.

Individual follow up
Personal development plans based on the talent's previous experience and future career goals, will be monitored with
follow-up dialogues and individual evaluations.