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Dual couple career (3)

My girlfriend and I are looking for jobs in Latin America, preferably Costa Rica. If I apply for a job or get an offer, would it put off the employer if I mentioned that my girlfriend also is looking for a job? I have a master's degree in international relations and some work experience in the media. My girlfriend is studying for a master's degree in European studies and is fluent in several languages. Also, what's the market like in Costa Rico given the country's recent economic troubles?

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I'm a military spouse and often travel with my husband. Our next stop is Germany. My background is in marketing and sales and I'd like to start free-lance writing or consulting for U.S. companies to secure a steady but flexible income. I was recently laid off from an information-technology firm as a director of marketing and sales. I don't have a college degree, but have worked in IT for almost five years in several mid-level executive positions. Despite my background, I'm more interested in free-lancing for industries that I've never worked in. How can I find my niche without having experience in this area? Where do you recommend I start?

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I'm graduating from college with a degree in foreign languages and a minor in anthropology. My husband holds a degree in pedagogy and education. How can we find employment in Costa Rica as teachers or in related careers?

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