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Entrepreneurship (2)

I've been unemployed by choice for almost two years after selling a mortgage-lending business in the US. I'm interested in working again on a project basis. I'm living in Paris and would like to stay here, and be placed on a project basis in Europe or the Middle East. I have strong interpersonal skills and great experience as the founder, owner, chief executive officer and seller of a business. I can sell myself; the difficult part has been getting in front of the right people. Any suggestions?

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I finished my master's degree in business administration a year ago. While I feel fortunate that my job pays well, is challenging and offers great responsibilities, I want to start my own business in Prague or elsewhere in the Czech Republic. I don't have a concrete business plan, but I see trends and have ideas. Where can I find like-minded people or organizations other than chambers of commerce to flesh out ideas?

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