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Politics in Business Ė do they mix?

Author: Ray Coyte, CEO, UK based, iCEO #50408 Short biography

If asked, I suspect that most salespeople would say that they do not get involved in their clients internal politics. But, they would be making a big mistake if they ignored them. Indeed if you believe Wikipedia; politics is defined as “a process by which groups of people make collective decisions”. Any salesman who avoids or ignores the politics therefore is unwise.... Read article

Donít write short texts. Write concise ones

Author: Philip Yaffe, CEO, Belgium based, iCEO #32896 Short biography

If you are puzzled by this admonition, it is probably because you have been led to believe that "short" and "concise" are synonyms. They arenít. My dictionary shows two definitions for "concise":
1. Brief and to the point
2. Short and clear
If "short" is already part of the definition of concise, they cannot be synonyms. There must be a difference. So what is it, and how does it affect your writing? People pay attention to texts that catch and hold their interest. Once that interest wanes, they stop reading. It's as simple as that. Read article

Managing International Projects

Author: Larry Traynor, CEO, UK based, iCEO #18444 Short biography

Larry Traynor shares his experience of the complexities of managing international projects. As s management consultant with 38 years' project experience, including some 30 years of managing international projects, he recommends 12 golden rules for success in Managing International Projects. Read article

Interim management in 7 phases

Author: Didier Douziech, CEO, France based, iCEO #29129 Short biography

Based on my experience, I would split an interim management assignment in 7 phases as described below: Phase 1: Select the manager and confirm the assignment by the manager
Phase 2: Prepare the assignment
Phase 3: Operational start of the assignment
Phase 4: Observe, analyse Ö Read article
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