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Ocean Transportation

Ocean Transportation oversees Cargill bulk ocean freight business and is active across both dry and wet segments spanning agriculture, mineral, industrial and energy industries.

Manages bulk shipping risks and opportunities both for Cargill's worldwide commodity activity (ex., fertilizer, salt, grains and grain products, sugar, steel, crude oil, petroleum products and vegetable oils) and for third party customers.

The primary mission of OT is to manage the freight related price risk, generate innovative transport and logistic solutions and manage the shipping related operational risk.

Global network : over 200 employees, 7 offices worldwide
Geneva - London - Amsterdam - New Jersey - Singapore - Shanghai - Tokyo

Physical Volume - 165 million tonnes / year

300+ vessels under mgmt – all sizes from Cape and Coasters to Parcels

59% - External Customers, 41% - Internal BU’s

Safety first:
- Over 700 vessels inspected per annum
- Since September 2006 Cargill has taken an equal share in the specialist ship vetting company Rightship


  • Commodity and market expertise and insight
  • Extensive S/D analysis
  • Trading & risk management expertise
  • Chartering , parceling and logistics
  • Supply chain management
  • Market access
  • Comprehensive vessel vetting and screening approach/procedures


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