Employee Profiles

Sara Kim
Associate Marketing Director
Johnson & Johnson Korea

For starters: International Recruitment and Development Program (IRDP)

Early takeaways: “Teamwork and collaboration are extremely important at Johnson & Johnson companies. There are always people willing to help when you need it.”

Personal note: Sara feels that the values in the Credo were a strong motivation for her to join Johnson & Johnson and to continue her career within the organization.

Career development/accomplishments: “Johnson & Johnson is an excellent company in which to build your marketing skills. You can really develop a global mindset. I have been most excited about learning to be a good leader of people and also to be a good team player.”

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Nicolas Ploquin
Managing Director
MD&D Turkey/Cordis Turkey, Middle East, Africa

For starters: International Recruitment and Development Program (IRDP)

Early takeaways: “Our decentralized model offers a lot of general management opportunities. The local business leader has broad responsibilities and is empowered to conduct business as a true entrepreneur.”

Personal note: “Before getting my MBA, I worked in luxury goods, consumer products and advertising, but something was missing. Here, we are involved in helping patients. For me, it is rewarding to know that, at the end of the day, you help to save and improve people’s lives.”

Career development/accomplishments: Career progress has been rapid, with a strategic move from established markets to emerging markets, to broaden Nicolas’s general management experience. Nicolas is currently working to introduce new medical technologies in Turkey and to leverage a $200-$300 million opportunity for Johnson & Johnson in that country.

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Rodrigo Resende San Martin
International Vice President for Medical Devices
Regional MD&D

For starters: International Recruitment and Development Program (IRDP)

Early takeaways: “The culture of the company is very people-oriented and relationship-based. People are available for dialogue, and managers always have an open door. The Credo directly impacts the work environment and sets the tone for how we manage the business. The company is a fair place to work, employees are treated well, and people react ethically when they face an issue."

Personal note: “I am engaged by the difference I can make to patients and their families because of the products we develop and sell. That experience is enhanced by working with great teams and building excitement about helping patients.”

Career development/accomplishments: Rodrigo believes that developing a good career plan and understanding the dynamics of the company’s decentralized structure are key to rapid growth and development.

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