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About the Hiring Process
About the Global Invitational
About Your Career Opportunities


About the Hiring Process

What is the hiring process?

The hiring process and next steps were explained in detail during the virtual event on August 31. You may listen to the recording on the Career Event page.

Why don’t I need to reapply for a full-time job?

As a candidate who interviewed with us for an internship previously, you are among an elite group who has remained top of mind as strong candidates for full-time opportunities. For that reason, we are offering you an advance preview of our available full-time positions and direct access to hiring managers in your region. We will request an update on your recent activities and preferred business segment and role in late August. Look for an email from Johnson & Johnson for further information.

What can make a candidate “stand out” in interviews?

Candidates should be prepared to discuss specific past experiences at school and/or at work that demonstrate their readiness to take on the responsibilities of the position. There may be particular emphasis on leadership potential, teamwork and collaboration, innovation, meeting work/project challenges, and genuine interest in the field of health care.

Candidates may also want to read materials on and in order to ask meaningful questions about the company.


Since the IRDP (International Recruitment and Development Program) is non-rotational will we be randomly assigned to any business segment (Consumer, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Devices & Diagnostics) or will we have the opportunity to choose according to our interests?

We will ask for your preference (Consumer, Pharmaceutical or Medical Devices & Diagnostics) during your interviews. In some cases, only certain sectors will have openings in a particular country. Your preferences will be entered into our system and will enable our Hiring managers to search for candidates interested in their sectors. They will review the resumes and decide who they want to select for additional interviews.


When are full time offers usually extended? And what is the usual decision time frame?

Offers are generally extended any time between September and December. Most offer decisions are made at our Global Invitational event which will be held November 17-20th and students who will receive offers will generally be notified the following week. Jobs remain open until filled or canceled. Unless the school policy dictates otherwise, students will be given 3 weeks to accept the offer.


If you express interest in more than one division, is your resume sent out to both divisions?

You can apply to as many positions as you like. If you are successful in your first round interview, your information is made available to all our businesses via our online database. If you have specified your preference for a particular business segment, that is noted and will be a field that our managers will be able to filter during their search.


There are 3 jobs of interest for me in Japan. Can I / should I apply to all three?

Yes, please apply to all jobs you are interested in.


Can you please explain the interview process - Is it case based, behavioral or sector knowledge specific?

The interview will include behavourial based questions based on key competencies important for J&J leaders. Wed recommend you think about examples that you can discuss in some detail, describing the situation or task, the action you took and the result or outcome. The interviewer will also discuss understand your preferences and motivations.


After the IRDP, is it possible to move countries provided opportunities arise?

Absolutely. We have many examples of that but it really depends on the person, their performance, the impact they make in that first job.


About the Global Invitational

What is the Global Invitational?

The Johnson & Johnson Global Invitational is a multiday, invitation only event for Master’s/MBA candidates who have been selected to participate in final-round interviews with hiring managers and executives from our global businesses. This exclusive event provides an ideal forum for students to learn more about our family of companies while networking with executives and hiring managers from Asia-Pacific, Europe/Middle East/Africa, Latin America, and North America.

When will the Global Invitational be held?

The 2011 Global Invitational event will be held on November 17-20 in Orlando, Florida.

When will candidates be notified about whether they are invited to attend the Global Invitational?

Invitations to the Global Invitational may be issued at any time beginning in September to approximately one week before the event.


About Your Career Opportunities

What is IRDP ?

Our International Recruitment and Development Program (IRDP) identifies highly qualified candidates for accelerated development in Asia-Pacific, Europe/Middle East/Africa, and Latin America. Candidates must be:

  • Enrolled in a full-time Master’s or MBA business degree program
  • Permanently authorized to work in the country where the job exists
  • Fluent in English and the language(s) of their assigned country

IRDP can support your career goals through a personal development plan that includes hands-on assignments at the local, regional, and/or international level, along with structured training and personal interaction with leaders. The emphasis is on meaningful responsibilities as an integral member of a cross-functional team.

Can applicants choose the business segment or functional role they prefer to work in?

Yes, applicants can indicate their preference at the time of their interviews. Every effort will be made to match students’ preferences when possible.

What are the functional roles/categories for Master's/MBA graduates?

  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Health Economics/Market Access 
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Operations/Logistics
  • Procurement
  • Quality Assurance
  • Research & Development
  • Sales


What are some of the key qualities that differentiate Johnson & Johnson from other companies?  

  1. Our Credo defines our commitment to customers, employees, communities, and stockholders. It has guided the ethical conduct of our business and corporate social responsibility since its inception in 1943. The impact of the shared values in Our Credo is also seen in our consistently being named one of the most admired and respected companies around the world.
  2. Our decentralized structure is appealing to employees because it provides the agility for managers at the local and regional levels to implement strategies that are appropriate to their marketplaces. It engenders an entrepreneurial spirit and promotes cross-functional teamwork and collaboration. 
  3. The exceptional depth and breadth of our involvement in health care can provide broadly based career opportunities that few other companies can match. We are a company with the scope and stability to provide substantial career opportunities and a focus on caring that enriches the career experience.


How will the passion I bring to my work be supported?  

From our Global Learning Organization that helps employees build professional and leadership competencies, to our Health and Wellness programs, we work hard to help employees live, work, and advance in the contributions they make. 

Our sustainable business practices and corporate giving programs deliver on their promise to our communities by supporting employees in their efforts with the programs they care about. We often run contribution matching programs when crises impact communities and support employees in balancing the time they may spend with volunteer programs.


What are the benefits of launching your career at Johnson & Johnson?

Career development is part of the DNA of our company. Our commitment to each individual’s career development includes well-defined processes to accelerate career growth, including:

  • A personal, customized development program
  • World-class leadership training and online learning
  • Global guidelines for productive career development conversations with your managers
  • A Global Leadership Profile that delineates how the shared values of Our Credo extend to behavioral and performance expectations for different roles and levels of management
  • Clear succession planning
  • Specific processes for bridging from leadership development to general management
  • Flexible career paths that may involve cross-function, cross-segment, and geographic moves

There are many other characteristics that enhance the career experience. Coaching and mentoring are considered prime responsibilities of management. Individuals are recognized for the value they bring to the organization, and they are encouraged to be vital right from the start. Employees are encouraged to take the leading role in defining and pursuing their career goals. The culture is supportive, collaborative, fast paced, and innovative. Perhaps most important, individuals and teams share a passion for improving the health and well-being of people around the world.

Do Johnson & Johnson companies support work-life balance?
Yes, definitely. Our strong commitment to our employees includes respect for the needs of their families, communities, and private lives. There are many programs that support employees’ health and wellness, financial planning, and educational goals. Several of our companies offer special services and/or facilities for exercise and child care. Many positions are eligible for flex-time or other flexible work arrangements.


Do you typically make positions available post-graduation to students who did not participate in the internship program, or do you seek exclusively to retain interns?
Yes, we do offer positions to students who dont intern with us. While our goal is source as many of our full-time hires from the intern class, we do have a number of openings this year and will therefore look at a broader pool of candidates. Students who did not intern with us will be actively considered for full time roles.


I do not have any healthcare or medical background (I have an oil and gas background), I would like to know if it would it be advisable to apply for a business function of my interest without having any experience in that function or mention that I am flexible to work across divisions and functions?
What J&J looks for is consistent track record of strong performance, your strategic thinking, leadership potential, and what transferrable skills you have. Past experience is important, but does not necessarily limit your job opportunities. We have hired many MBAs through the IRDP who did not have any background in a certain function, but got hired and still did an excellent job. It is important to articulate your transferrable skills and give examples that will show us your results and leadership.


In the US, J&J offers various Leadership Rotational Programs for full time MBA Students. Do you have similar programs in Asia-Pacific or other regions outside the US? If so can you explain a little about the program?
The IRDP is a non-rotational program. In many of our commercial roles, you will have an opportunity to experience sales and marketing but you are being hired into an actual job. A customized training/development plan is created for each of our IRDPs so no two plans will be identical. There is one business in MD&D - Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics that is hiring for a Commercial Leadership Development Program (CLDP). This is a 2 year rotational program within the Commercial organization and the person will get to move across 2 regions/markets. If you are interested in this program, please indicate your preference during your interviews.


I have interest both in pharma and medical and I am concerned that if I express interest in both, my interviewer may consider that Im not committed to any one of them. So is it better to choose one over the other to make the interviewer less confused?
We actually prefer when you are open to more than one sector since it allows us to consider you for multiple opportunities. We will make your resume available to hiring managers from both sectors so this increases your chances. We also want to know if you do not want to consider a sector so it helps to manage expectations on our part.


Could you please tell me how flexible the company structure is in terms of moving between divisions in the full time IRDP program? If for instance, I want to move from Medical to Pharma after a year, will the company accommodate this?
During the IRDP program you will be attached to a particular sector. This will ensure you get some deep, hands-on experience so that you can do your very best and be successful. After the IRDP program it absolutely is possible to move between sectors, and actually J&J encourage it for further development. It does depend on your on-going performance and the opportunities available at that time. Employees usually need to be in their role for at least 18 months before they are eligible for a new job.



Can I apply for a job in a country even if I do not have a work permit?

Johnson & Johnson recruits talent through the IRDP that is interested in going back to their home country. In a few countries like UAE and Singapore, we have on occasion sponsored visas if the student has strong experience. Preference however, is always given to local candidates. If you are interested in a country where you do not currently have work authorization, please apply first for jobs in the countries where you do have the permanent work authorization and reference your preference during the interview.

I am from Switzerland but I also have a Mexican work permit. Can I apply to Mexico or can I only apply to my home country?

You can apply to any country where you have permanent work authorization and local language fluency.

I have work authorization in two countries. Can I apply to both or should I choose only one? If only one, are there advantages to apply to my home country?

You can apply to any country where you have permanent work authorization and local language fluency. The advantage of applying to jobs in your home country are related to your performance. Our experience has been that new hires tend to do better in their first year when they start in markets that they are very familiar with. Of course there will be exceptions to this. Our advice is to jump start your career in your home country. If you have the strong performance, your opportunities are unlimited.