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The Johnson & Johnson Career Forum webinar series will take place September 13-15, 2011. Each event will consist of a one-hour webconference followed by a one-hour online chat (duration based on number of questions). Register now for an event below based on your home country or region where you have permanent work authorization.


September 13
Brazil                    10:00 EST
Latin America     13:00 EST
Greater China    19:00 EST*

September 14
India                    10:00 EST

September 15
Asia-Pacific            9:00 EST
EMEA                    10:00 EST
Japan                   20:00 EST**


*Please note: The event takes place on September 14 for participants in Asia-Pacific.
**Please note: The event takes place on September 16 for participants in Asia-Pacific.

Click here for important information on how to dial into the virtual event. You will also find helpful hints about using the online chat tool and testing your system. Please note that you can access the sessions by clicking the ENTER buttons below up to 20 minutes prior to the start time.

Recordings of the events will be available for several weeks after the event. Participating live will give you an opportunity to ask questions and interact with our presenters.

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