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Changing the World - A career in a NGO

Careers in NGOs abound for doctors, nurses,teachers ,lawyers and engineers.
MBAs are also sought after for their management skills but it is a sad truth that most MBAs simply do not find the field lucrative enough to join. Many people pursuing an MBA will enter traditional business careers in financial services, consulting, and marketing, but there is also an interesting new trend. A surprising number of MBA graduates are pursuing careers in the non-profit sector, and why not if we have in mind that the good management of an NGO or not-for-profit requires exactly the same skills and competence as managing a profit-making business. Leadership, strategy, planning, evaluation all of this is essential in the sector and hopefully it will be the reason why more and more MBA graduates will envision a future career in a NGO. Any of you have already think about a career in this sector? What else you think a MBA can bring to the NGOs sector?


Posted on June 26, 2012