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2017 Rotman Design Challenge

We are pleased to announce that we are featuring a new competition Ė The Rotman Design Challenge, an international Business Design case competition. The event hosts 125 Master level students from around the world at the University of Toronto for a week end long design thinking challenge. The goal for all the teams of 4 to 6 Masterís students from leading business and design schools will be to...
Emma Latini, Admin | January 23, 2017 0   
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How to Use Social Media to Land a Job Fast

In this presentation entitled How to Use Social Media to Get Found and Land a Job Faster, Miriam Salpeter, Job Search/Social Media Coach and author of the book Social Networking for Career Success shares her tips and insights on the best ways to use social media for career advancement.
roy young, NYU Stern School Of Business - New York University '08 | January 6, 2017 1   

The Hierarchy of Personal Investments

Just like we have Maslowís Hierarchy when it comes to human needs and desires, I feel personal investments also follow a hierarchy based on the total amount of money available for investments. The Base When a personís income starts exceeding expenses, that person may start looking for investing this surplus. At this stage, this person tends to be very cautious and invests with a motive of r...
Manish Hada, TIAS School For Business And Society '17 | January 5, 2017 0   

What Just Happened !?

Learning the distribution of a desired variable in a random sample using M&Mís, hmmmÖ.. seems to be a really interesting and colorful way to understand statistics. But itís uncanny that how sometimes very simple experiences can lead to quite meaningful insights. The aim of the exercise shown in the cover photo is to see how many M&Mís of a certain color, say blues, do you find in a random pack. I...
Muhammad Ahsan Qamar, INSEAD '17 | February 15, 2017 0   

When 'Work' is no longer work

The future is one in which you probably wonít have Ďa jobí. That is not to say you wonít work, just that you will work in fundamentally different ways. How we work, with whom, what we do and for how long, will be increasingly influenced by the need to be flexible and adaptable. We as individuals ó our skills, experience, aspirations, reputation ó will be more visible fo...
Arantxa Cinca, Admin | January 30, 2017 0   

Positive Creativity II

POSITIVE CREATIVITY always finds it way to stand out, even in a crowded world. Got limited resources? Probably still more than this clever and audacious young man who wants to break into his first job. I remember hiring a salesperson who just came knocking on the door -- when I was not even looking to hire! He created his job and so can we all create our opportunities. Share your stori...
Bilal Ojjeh, Admin | January 26, 2017 5   

10 Ways to be a better employee in 2017

by Lydia Dishman You may have resolved to lose weight or exercise more this year, but what about resolving to become a better employee? Your efforts could make you indispensable (and could even get you promoted). No matter what industry you work in, here is some practical advice on how to be your best self at work every day of 2017. 1. Strengthen Your Soft Skills 2. Show Gratitude 3. M...
Zana Z., Admin | January 4, 2017 1   
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Startup Pledge (Must for Budding Entrepreneurs)

All budding entrepreneurs need to take this pledge before becoming an active member in this wonderful world of startups. This will help them create an outlook which will make their journey smoother. THE PLEDGE - I pledge to never stop learning - I pledge to make my startup my passion and be a parent to it rather than a manager - I pledge to build a team of people in my journey who are...
Manish Hada, TIAS School For Business And Society '17 | January 3, 2017 2   

Learning Charisma

by John Antonakis, Marika Fenley, and Sue Liechti To persuade others, you must use powerful and reasoned rhetoric, establish personal and moral credibility, and then rouse followersí emotions and passions. If a leader can do those three things well, he or she can then tap into the hopes and ideals of followers, give them a sense of purpose, and inspire them to achieve great things. Several ...
Zana Z., Admin | January 3, 2017 0   
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MOTIVATION. WHEN ITíS NOT ABOUT THE SALARY or one article with some real-life advices

Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Is salary enough? 3. Other financial incentives 4. Non-financial intangible incentives 5. Tangible incentives not related to salary 6. My top list of motivations 7. Conclusion 8. Recommended books   Introduction 11 years ago I learnt about Carl Sewell, one of the most famous car dealers in the United States, and read his book Custo...
Volodymyr (Bob) Irkhov, TIAS School For Business And Society '17 | December 19, 2016 1