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2017 Rotman Design Challenge

We are pleased to announce that we are featuring a new competition – The Rotman Design Challenge, an international Business Design case competition. The event hosts 125 Master level students from around the world at the University of Toronto for a week end long design thinking challenge. The goal for all the teams of 4 to 6 Master’s students from leading business and design schools will be to...
Emma Latini, Admin | January 23, 2017 0   
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What Just Happened !?

Learning the distribution of a desired variable in a random sample using M&M’s, hmmm….. seems to be a really interesting and colorful way to understand statistics. But it’s uncanny that how sometimes very simple experiences can lead to quite meaningful insights. The aim of the exercise shown in the cover photo is to see how many M&M’s of a certain color, say blues, do you find in a random pack. I...
Muhammad Ahsan Qamar, INSEAD '17 | February 15, 2017 0   

When 'Work' is no longer work

The future is one in which you probably won’t have ‘a job’. That is not to say you won’t work, just that you will work in fundamentally different ways. How we work, with whom, what we do and for how long, will be increasingly influenced by the need to be flexible and adaptable. We as individuals — our skills, experience, aspirations, reputation — will be more visible fo...
Arantxa Cinca, Admin | January 30, 2017 0   

Positive Creativity II

POSITIVE CREATIVITY always finds it way to stand out, even in a crowded world. Got limited resources? Probably still more than this clever and audacious young man who wants to break into his first job. I remember hiring a salesperson who just came knocking on the door -- when I was not even looking to hire! He created his job and so can we all create our opportunities. Share your stori...
Bilal Ojjeh, Admin | January 26, 2017 5   

10 Ways to be a better employee in 2017

by Lydia Dishman You may have resolved to lose weight or exercise more this year, but what about resolving to become a better employee? Your efforts could make you indispensable (and could even get you promoted). No matter what industry you work in, here is some practical advice on how to be your best self at work every day of 2017. 1. Strengthen Your Soft Skills 2. Show Gratitude 3. M...
Zana Z., Admin | January 4, 2017 1   
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Learning Charisma

by John Antonakis, Marika Fenley, and Sue Liechti To persuade others, you must use powerful and reasoned rhetoric, establish personal and moral credibility, and then rouse followers’ emotions and passions. If a leader can do those three things well, he or she can then tap into the hopes and ideals of followers, give them a sense of purpose, and inspire them to achieve great things. Several ...
Zana Z., Admin | January 3, 2017 0   
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Apple, Google, and the 15 other best companies for women

By Rachel Gillett It really doesn't take all that much to be a good employer to the women in your company. Treat them with the same respect you show your male employees, show them that they're a valued resource by paying them and promoting them on par with their male counterparts, nix the boys club vibe and foster a more inclusive culture, and you'll be well on your way to gaining their loy...
Zana Z., Admin | November 30, 2016 0   
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The Power of Mindful Leadership

By Bill George From the moment you wake up, you’re bombarded with distractions. Emails clog your inbox, requests pile up, and notifications flicker in the background. Within moments your attention is scattered. Given the realities of today’s 24/7 world, how do great leaders slow down and focus in order to make thoughtful decisions? Mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice of self-observa...
Zana Z., Admin | November 21, 2016 1   

9 Habits Of Highly Emotionally Intelligent People

By Dr. Travis Bradberry When emotional intelligence first appeared to the masses, it served as the missing link in a peculiar finding: people with average IQs outperform those with the highest IQs 70% of the time. This anomaly threw a massive wrench into what many people had always assumed was the sole source of success—IQ. Decades of research now point to emotional intelligence as the critic...
Zana Z., Admin | November 18, 2016 0   
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Insights into BP's Future Leaders Programme

After two successful online events we have hosted for BP, we conducted an interview with BP HR representatives to address the most relevant topics about Future Leaders Programme that could interest future candidates. 1. Is there an age limit to join the programme? There is no age limit (upper or lower). We look for people who have somewhere in the region of 5 to 7 years of work experience, al...
Zana Z., Admin | November 3, 2016 0   
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