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University of Sydney Business School

University of Sydney Business School

General Description

Our MBA is different.

A curriculum and learning environment far beyond the traditional classroom setting, the University of Sydney's MBA teaches innovation, interpersonal emotional intelligence and resourceful business thinking beyond the standard old academic norms of yesteryear.

A globally top ranked, world class institution at the forefront of global business & management education, The University of Sydney is consistently rated far-above world standard attracting high-calibre staff and students from around the world. Developed in close consultation with industry innovators and business leaders, the MBA exposes students to the latest business trends and knowledge, in a unique learning approach enabling application of theory to practical real-world commercial challenges. Our students learn to engage with the media and maximise the effectiveness of their thoughts & arguments in written opinion pieces and presentations to camera. Put simply, they master the art of taking theory and turning it into real-world, practical solutions. The University of Sydney MBA delves deep to unlock the 'ambition' within, and refine leadership skills for the real world.


  Master of Business Administration
Number of students300
Average years of work experience10

Mailing Address

133 Castlereagh St. Sydney. New South Wales. 2000. Australia

Information updated in November 2016