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What we do: We give your students access to thousands of quality and relevant jobs across industries and geographies: Jobs posted directly by employers on our site or rigorously filtered through our proprietary algorithms (2% retention rate)

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August, 24

Account Manager / Sales Representative

Business Development & Sales, Marketing & Communications

Edwards Lifesciences BV


August, 17

IMD CEO Learning Center – Senior Researcher (60% - 80% / One-year Contract, Renewable)

Consulting & Corporate Strategy, Technical Roles, Top Management

IMD International



Esprit Finance Programme - MBA Global Development Program

OVERVIEW OF ROLE: Esprit is GlaxoSmithKline's leading global talent development programme for MBAs/postgraduates, which creates a pipeline of...


Brazil, Mexico, China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, India, USA, Canada, Russia, Western Europe, ...
Esprit Commercial Programme - MBA Global Development Program

ESPRIT COMMERCIAL PROGRAMME The 4 year rotational programme offers opportunities for the individuals to develop through real work, driving growth...


USA, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, China, Japan, Turkey, Kenya, Nigeria, ...

What we do: We research and update every two weeks our exclusive directory of all MBA (and other masters) development programs, with a synthesis of each program (description, structure, duration, location, eligibility, work permit, etc). We also liaise with the companies to validate and complete.

What you get: Give your students access to the only global, comprehensive and up-to-date directory of all MBA Development Programs.

Last release: MBA Development Programs Ranking 2016

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What we do: We research and compile a global directory of the most relevant international and local MBA-level employers, with insights on each employer including its culture, MBA recruiting activity, top talent mindset, most popular jobs, etc.
We also provide market insights into Who is Hiring? by industry and by country.

What you get: Help your students identify and gain insights on relevant employers

Standard access: 50 MBA Employers
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