Welcome to the Women in Leadership Event

The live part of the event is over. However, registered candidates continue to have access until Saturday, 15 April to apply for the jobs, view and listen to session recordings, complete the event survey and manage their account.

Gender gap remains a scorching topic in the modern workplace, especially when it comes to leadership roles. In 2016, only 4% of S&P 500 companies were run by women.

The Women in Leadership Event on March 14-15th, 2017 gives an overview of how different companies address this topic and what actions they are taking. Do they have positive discrimination initiatives? Special programs for women? Or on the contrary, they believe that the best way to have equality is not to have something special? Or do they not see this as a topic of concern?

We invite you to join us virtually for rich and interactive sessions with leading companies such as Liberty Mutual and BP. You can also attend a short session on importance & hurdles of Women in leadership by Dr. CÚcile Emery as well as a panel discussion about this theme.

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If you represent a company and would like to participate, please contact us to discuss.

Participating schools include: