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MBA Stock Pitch Challenge
November 06, 2020

The annual MBA Stock Pitch Challenge provides a forum for top MBA students to compete and showcase their stock-picking skills in front of a panel of distinguished judges. The event challenges teams of finance students from twelve top MBA programs to prepare and present buy/hold/sell recommendations and vigorously defend them. Judged by a panel of investment industry experts, the intense competition is designed to replicate the fast-paced, demanding experience of sellside and buyside analysts and asset managers.

For each stock pitch, a single presenter from each team makes a ten-minute presentation, followed by judges' questioning of all three team members for five minutes. For each of the three stock pitches, teams feature a different team member as presenter. The event is held before a live audience, but other competing teams are not permitted to watch one another's presentations in the first two rounds.  Finalists are allowed to watch other teams present as long as they have finished their own presentation.

In addition to gaining valuable experience and competing before judges, MBA students have a chance to shine before prospective employers. Recruiters from sponsoring firms come to shop for top talent. As one judge commented, "There's no one I wouldn't hire."

The Presentation

All teams must put their stock pitch PowerPoint presentation on a pre-designed template provided by the MBA Stock Pitch Challenge organizers.
Teams make their presentations anonymously, using a team number (assigned in a random drawing) and their first and last names - not the name of their schools.

A total of 15 minutes will be allotted per team pitch for all rounds. For the three preliminary rounds, ten minutes will be used for the formal presentation, five minutes for Q&A from the judges. These time limits will be strictly enforced by an official timekeeper. Every presentation must feature a "lead presenter" (a team member who makes the initial ten minute presentation). Each team member must serve as a lead presenter for one of the three stocks. All three team members can participate in answering the judges' questions in all three rounds.

For the final round, teams will deliver a six minute pitch with nine minutes of Q&A. All team members are expected to contribute to the presentation and Q&A in the final round.

Student teams competing will not be allowed to view the presentations of the other teams in the preliminary rounds. Non-finalist teams may stay and watch finalist teams present in the final round.

Judges will be provided with a score sheet for the competition. In brief, the presentation will be judged on the basis of the quality of the analysis, presentation delivery, and the quality of the Q&A session.
Eligible Schools
Boston College - Carroll School Of Management
Carnegie Mellon - Tepper School Of Business
Dartmouth Tuck School Of Business
Johnson - Cornell University
Notre Dame - Mendoza College Of Business
Virginia Darden School Of Business
Columbia University - Graduate School of Management, New York University - Leonard N. Stern School of Business, University of California, Los Angeles - Anderson School of Management