Identify and Bridge Culture Gaps


The Culture Factor Group, the ultimate culture experts based on Geert Hofstede´s pioneering work and 6-D Model, has developed the Culture Compass. The goal of the Culture Compass is to help you understand the impact of your own cultural value preferences and potential behavioral pitfalls while working with people from a selected country.

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Are you an international student seeking to work abroad?
Would you like to learn more and be aware of the working culture in your country of interest?

In an international world like today, it is essential to understand a country´s working culture and other cultural elements that may differ from your home country. The Culture Compass sheds light on important culture elements that will allow you to better understand the cultural differences in countries and avoid behavioral pitfalls while working in a particular country.

Culture Compass

Culture Compass 2

You will find in your personalized report:

Your score based on the 6-D Model compared to your home country and your country of interest
Personal recommendations (What to expect and what to watch out for)
5 most similar countries to your scores
3 most different countries to your scores

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