Frequently Asked Questions

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You may have some specific questions about applying and interviewing for positions with the Johnson & Johnson International Leadership Development Programs. The following are frequently asked questions and answers.

How do I apply for an international leadership development position, and what can I expect after applying?
  1. Type into your Web browser.
  2. Enter the requisition number from the International LDP Matrix for the position you wish to apply to, or type IRDP, HRLDP or PLDP into the Search Jobs box. Then click on the position you desire and follow instructions to apply. (Repeat if you are submitting multiple applications.)
  3. The Johnson & Johnson International LDP recruitment team will review applications and conduct phone screening interviews with selected candidates.
  4. Selected candidates may be invited to participate in an online assessment.
  5. Hiring managers will review assessments and schedule video interviews with selected candidates.
  6. Selected first- and second-year students will be invited to learn more about Johnson & Johnson and/or complete final round interviews with global leaders.
Do you typically make positions available post-graduation to students who did not participate in an internship with a Johnson & Johnson company, or do you seek exclusively to retain interns?
I do not have any healthcare or medical background (for instance, I have an oil and gas background). I would like to know if it would it be advisable to apply for a business function of my interest without having any experience in that function or mention that I am flexible to work across business segments and functions?
Does Johnson & Johnson sponsor candidate visas for work outside one's home region/country?
I have work authorization in two countries. Can I apply to both or should I choose only one? If only one, are there advantages to applying to my home country?
I am from Switzerland but I also have a Mexican work permit. Can I apply to Mexico, or can I only apply to my home country?
If I express interest in more than one business segment and/or position, is my application sent out to all?
Please explain the interview process. Is it case-based, behavioral, or segment-knowledge specific?
What can help a candidate 'stand out' in interviews?
I have an interest in both Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices, and I am concerned that if I express interest in both, my interviewer may feel that I'm not committed to either one of them. Is it better to choose one over the other to discuss?
When are full-time offers usually extended?
If hired for an international leadership development position, would I be assigned to a particular business segment (Consumer, Pharmaceutical, or Medical Devices) or position based strictly on organizational needs, or will I have the opportunity to choose according to my interests?
After completing an international leadership development program, is it possible to move across countries, regions, and business segments, provided opportunities arise?

If you have questions about the unique benefits of working within the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies after your current university program, please refer to Also, we hope you will ask us such questions during any interviews or casual discussions that you may have with Johnson & Johnson personnel.