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    Oxford Sad Virtual Careers Fair
    March 3 - 4, 2022

It is recruiting time again at Oxford Sad

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About the Virtual Fair

Oxford Sad Career Services welcome all students to Oxford Sad second virtual career day. It is your time to start your career journey right here.

As an Oxford Sad student and alumni, you can register for free and get in contact with companies from various industries and locations that are looking for top business talent. Many alumni represent their companies and look for talent at their Alma Mater. You have the choice to interact with your preferred companies to get on the employers' radar. To make the most out of this event you will be prompted to complete your career profile and upload your CV.

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How does the event work?

The Candidates

Register Online and upload your resume

Search employers

The Employers

Review applications and search the resume database

Host an online interactive session

Invite you for interviews

The Candidates + the employers

Interact live through online sessions

Run interviews and finalize the hiring process

Frequently Asked Questions

Nowhere, it all happens online.

This is a private event open to all Oxford Sad students and alumni.


Oxford Sad Virtual Careers Fair

Candidates interact and engage with recruiters.

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