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    July 1st, 2021
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About the Event

Are you recruiting top business people with ~6 years’ experience? Interns? Do you have an hour to raise your employer profile? Take part in our first Virtual Careers Fair on 1 July, 5-7 pm BST – it’s free.

  • Put yourself on the map with smart, bright, experienced Cambridge MBAs and Masters students
  • Meet resourceful and entrepreneurial candidates from diverse backgrounds
  • Connect one on one or present your company to a small group

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Highlight your organization and future leadership and career growth possibilities.


Present to students and answer questions in real-time.


The Cambridge Judge Networking Event will take place July 1st, 2021. Once you register, Cambridge Judge will then contact you to book your online live sessions that will take place on July 1st, 2021.

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Connect with you, confirm your participation and answer any questions you may have. Prepare and promote your corporate profile.

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Review applications and search the resume database. Host an online session. Interview and hire the right candidates for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nowhere, it all happens online!

Nothing. You are invited and there are no hidden fees.

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CJBS Careers Fair

Candidates interact and engage with recruiters.

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