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2019 H1B Sponsorship Report Popular States

This article is based off of our 2019 H1B Sponsorship Report. You can find more details on specific sponsorships or other information pertaining to the H1B, including our comprehensive H1B database, on our website in the International section.

This article focuses on the H1B Sponsorship Report Popular States


The top three most popular states on our list are the same as last year; New York, California and Texas. They each have 12087, 11892 and 4259 applications respectively and make up over half of all the business related applications for the H1B in 2019. The rest of the top ten states (with the number of applications) are as follows:

  • New Jersey (3164 applications)

  • Illinois (2539 applications)

  • Massachusetts (2216 applications)

  • Washington (2007 applications)

  • Florida (1516 applications)

  • Georgia (1306 applications)

  • Pennsylvania (1109 applications)

By taking a closer look at the top three states we begin to notice some interesting trends.

In New York, all but one of the top employers are in either the Finance Services or Consulting industries. Most of the top job titles are below the $100k range, with only Vice President and Associate making it into the $100k-$150k range. The vast majority of all applications were done in the New York area, most likely for companies based in Manhattan.

To contrast that, in California about half of the top companies are involved in either the Technology and/or Internet and eBusiness industries, which isnít surprising given the region. What is more surprising is that none of the top job titles in California surpass the $100k mark. Moreover, while a significant portion of applications were for the San Francisco area, overall the applications are much more evenly dispersed than those in New York, covering the entire state from San Francisco down to Los Angeles.

In Texas the majority of the top employers are in the Consulting industry. There is also one of the top job titles, Business Analyst 4, in the $100k-$150k range. The number of applications seems to be spread across the state the most evenly out of the three on the top of our list, with significant application in all of the major cities, as well as a few smaller ones, across Texas. Houston is, however, at the top of the list for number of applications.


Our report is divided into four sections : USA Overview, Popular States, Popular Functional Areas and Selected Employers. For each section we provided the most up to date and relevant information to make sure you are as informed as possible to better enable you to make the best decisions for your career.

Check out our full 2019 H1B Sponsorship Report and search our vast database to find out all you need to know about the H1B.

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Posted on January 22, 2020