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2020 H1B Sponsorship Report Overview

This article is based off of our 2020 H1B Sponsorship Report. You can find more details on specific sponsorships or other information pertaining to the H1B, including our comprehensive H1B database, on our website in the International section.

This article focuses on the H1B Sponsorship Report Overview.


The amount of business related applications decreased by around 13%, which is in line with the overall decrease of around 13% in the total number of H1B applications in 2020 from the previous year. As a result 2020 has seen a decrease in applications for many top job titles and functional areas compared to 2019. While there are certainly other factors at play, one can't ignore the impact that the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has had on visa applications. Most of the job titles in the top ten this year have decreased significantly compared to last year, with Business Analyst and Staff Accountant being hit the hardest. It's a similar story for our top Functional Areas, with all of them showing a decrease in applications compared to last year, with the exception of Risk Management Specialists which increased astronomically, most likely in response to the global pandemic.

All but one of the job titles in the top ten are in the $50k-$100k range, with Vice President making it into the $100k-$150k range. Moreover, three functional areas fall into that same range of $100k-$150k, those being Marketing Managers, Financial Managers, and General and Operations Managers. This is almost identical to the previous years, with all salaries being within the same margin as well.

The top three most popular states on our list are the same as last year as well; New York, California and Texas. They each have 10293, 10055 and 3835 applications respectively and make up over half of all the business related applications for 2020.

With the H1B requiring companies to apply on behalf of potential employees, the fact that many were facing unforeseen issues, downsizing and/or stagnant growth, just to name a few, makes it's no surprise that the overall number of applications decreased. However, while some industries have suffered through the pandemic, others have thrived, which means that looking at the overall statistics most likely won't give an accurate picture of the whole story.

All the data used in our report was obtained directly from the US Department of Labor. We analysed the data and condensed it, removing over 90% and over 575,000 applications, to end up with data which only pertained to MBA or business related profiles. Using this thoroughly filtered data, we created our 2020 H1B Sponsorship Report.


Our report is divided into four sections : USA Overview, Popular States, Popular Functional Areas and Selected Employers. For each section we provided the most up to date and relevant information to make sure you are as informed as possible to better enable you to make the best decisions for your career.

Check out our full 2020 H1B Sponsorship Report and search our vast database to find out all you need to know about the H1B.

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Posted on April 14, 2021