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CEO Checklist: What I Would Look for in a Company if I Graduated Tomorrow

By Rick Goings

The three key traits recent grads should look for in employers.

It’s a tough landscape these days, for employers and employees alike. Companies face pressure to maintain financial success while integrating new technologies into their business models. Millennials are now the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, and are competing for limited jobs available.

If I were looking to restart my career today, I’d certainly be interested in companies who are pushing the limits of innovation. But I’d quickly rule out any organizations which didn’t value soft skills. Think about it: what is a company other than a collection of people? Technology has the potential to make a company good — but it’s the people who will make it great. In your job search, consider focusing on companies which prioritize diversity, value soft skills and have an authentic corporate culture.

1. Seek out businesses who believe in diversity
Diversity is not an exercise in numbers, though. Research shows that a diverse workforce means higher employee satisfaction and stronger business results.

2. Bring your “soft skills” to the table
es, technical expertise is a must. Digital fluency is a necessity for almost all professional roles. However, look for companies that not only value technical skills, but who also prioritize collaboration, teamwork, and critical thinking. I don’t like the term “soft skills,” though. These are essential skills which will stand the test of time and endure as key business attributes.

3. Peek under the hood of corporate culture
Corporate culture often refers to perks or fringe benefits, from unlimited vacation days to morale-boosting activities. But real corporate culture is how a business responds to and engages with its employees during moments of crisis.

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Posted on May 12, 2017