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Expectations of MBA students

In recent years companies have been demanding higher profiles for different positions, often requiring the applicant and also for the current employee, to have a Master (MBA) degree. The same competition for a place and the increasing availability of this type of career, requires the new graduate and professional to do his/her graduate studies, otherwise he/she could remain outside the labor market.
In this sense, both professors and employers have expectations about the future "Master", which I want to share in both ways, as a professor and as a potential employer, because the characteristics and development of a master's student in the classroom and in the development of his career, are in great part its potential behavior in their professional work.

What we expect of a person developing an MBA career?
1. Honesty. Is an important value, but at the level of MBA student, we hope them to develop tests and assignments worked honestly. Is not bad to investigate or review the work of other students or "googling", however we expect the student to develop personally in the issues concerned, and especially when developing tests on an individual basis.
2. Act professionally. The papers, presentations and examinations should be developed as a professional, impeccably, adequate and thoroughly documented. The student should assume that their work is addressed to the Board of Directors of their current employer or potential employer. With that in mind deduct the conditions that your presentations or documents must comply.
3. Committed to her/his school. The student represents the institution and should respect and develop a work that represents it. Their performance inside and outside the institution is a reflection of the quality of the school and its faculty.
4. Respect. Must respect the institution, faculty and fellow students. Not everyone learns at the same pace and have the same experience, so it is an important value to implement during his career, and the good student can recognize this situation among his fellows.
5. Teamwork. There can be an MBA student who says "I work alone", but the business world requires that we work with people and the career is the opportunity to strength their relationships. The professors are equally responsible for inducing and encouraging teamwork.
6. Committed. Is a person who understands that an MBA will change his or her life. The student newed to get "introduced" in the roles assigned to solve cases, investigate, document, question and question. The interest muts be noticed.
7. Is a focused person. Has a clear goal and it shows in their performance during the career.
8. Snatch. The expectation is that the MBA student comes to learn, does not expect the professor choose - he offered. Do not expect questions – he/she asks. No requests data - search or generate. No calls - set guidelines. As professors expect students to show interest and demonstrate from the start in the career until the end and just continue to act well in their companies or businesses.
9. Decided. Understood that an MBA is to train decision-makers, making the arguments and documentation and decide. Analyze and decide. Looking for support, but ... decide.
10. Is an associate of professor. Shut down the paradigm professor - student. An MBA and a specific area is successful when a professor and student are partners in the objectives, when both sides are complemented with a professor prepared, experienced and with excellent methodology and a student who meets this and the nine previous expectations.

Business and society in general, look forward to a graduate student and then an MBA to:
Impact: It's in your workplace and does not go unnoticed, promotes improvement, promotes changes and get noticed - positively.
Implement: Not left in the paper or on good presentations with PowerPoint or Flash or Excel Tables is an implementer, who executes and runs.
Agent of Change: Becomes an agent of change for the organization and society. From their home court, driving innovation and change, improving processes or changing. It becomes an anti-paradigms.
Question: With information and documentation becomes a questioning of routines and standard or normal ways of doing things.
Lead: If he/she were leader, greatly improves, if it was not, becomes a key leader for the company, family or organization.

There is a strong weight over the student of MBA, which is shared by the School and its professors, we are three parts of a triangle must work together. If you are a student of MBA or are about to graduate, the challenge is strong. Society in general is needing professionals that impact, delight in the positive and be agents of change.


Posted on June 7, 2012       


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Zilvinas Bartkus, June 14, 2012    

I liked the part on "9. Decided". Many of my fellow class mates are doing their MBA because they are undecided on where the hell they want to be and hopes MBA will help figure that out....
it's hard to decide, no?

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John van der Laan, October 1, 2015    

Dear Daniel,
Great article, where everybody can reflect on his/her intentions.
I would like to add INSPIRATIONAL if I may. As we are taught the newest insights from the best professors in the world, we are at the frontier of implementing changes. We are expected to be critical and deliver new food for thoughts to our organisations to speed up moving forward or start change trajects. Anyone how wants to lean behind others and act only on what has been asked for, does not fit in what (E)MBA schools stand for.

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Matteo Inverardi, November 30, 2015    

Daniel, thanks for sharing this interesting article.
I really like the point 5 about the Teamwork: It was challenging and exciting working and sharing experiences with my teammates of the EMBA.