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H1B Sponsorship and our Selected Employers*

* Selected Employers: For our report, we decided to choose and further analyze the activity of 5 popular employers among MBAs.

In our second H1B Sponsorship 2018 Business Profile Report, we have explored all the 541,555 H1B Sponsorships data, and filtered it down to only keep business profiles information. Within our International Section, you can search and filter 46,922 H1B Sponsorships for business profiles, filter by state, functional area, job title, and employer name.

This article focuses on the H1B Sponsorship and our Selected Employers.

Our 5 selected employers are: KPMG, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and Uber.
For each employer, we have compared the number of filed applications for Busienss Profiles compared to the total filed applications. Here are the results:
- 55% of KPMG's filed applications were for Business Profiles (482 out of 876 applications).
- 7% for Facebook (148 out of 2,159 applications).
- 12% for Apple (193 out of 1,678 applications).
- 9% for Microsoft (384 out of 4,275 applications).
- 18% for Uber (163 out of 916 applications).

Concerning the job titles for these companies, the majority of the average salary is either located in the $50K - $100K range or in the $100K - $150K range. For Apple, all the salaries are in the range $100K - $150K.

Out of the 5 selected employers, Microsoft is the only company that doesn't count California in the Top locations (Washington, New York, Nevada). KPMG and Facebook both have the same top locations (New York, California, and Texas). Apple's top locations are California, Texans, and Florida. Uber's top locations are California, New York, and Illinois.

Overall, the average salary of the top functional areas for each employer is located either in the $50K - $100K range or in the $100K - $150K range. All the top locations for Apple are located in the $100K - $150K range, wit hthe highest salary for the General and Operations Managers. The other area that stands out is the Financial Managers at KPMG with $214K.
Overall, we can notice that the same functional are has disparities in the average salary per year depending on the company.

About our H1B Sponsorship Report:

In our H1B Sponsorship 2018 Business Profiles Report, we have examined the US Department of Labor's data to come up with an analysis that solely focuses on Business Profiles, excluding all the data that would not be relevant to MBAs and Masters.

Our report is divided in four sections: USA Overview, Popular States, Popular Functional Areas, and Selected Employers. For all the different sections, we analyzed the data and came up with the most relevant information a business student needs to know (top job titles, top locations, salary ranges, top employers etc.).

Check out our full H1B Sponsorship 2018 Business Profiles Report to find all the information you need to know about H1B Sponsorship.


Posted on October 4, 2018