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Insights into Liberty Mutual Insurance Corporate Development Program (CDP)

For this week's Insights, we are bringing you an exclusive interview with MacKenzie Bachry, Senior Campus Recruiter, on Liberty Mutual Insurance Corporate Development Program (CDP) and recruiting strategy. When asked about recommendations to the candidates on what to look out for when searching for their next career opportunity, MacKenzie says: "Make sure you’re also looking into the company culture. For me, Liberty hit on all of my top priorities, including a company that invests in its employees development and diversity and inclusion." See the full interview below.

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1. What is Liberty Mutual’s Talent Development & Management Strategy?
Liberty looks to hire top talent from schools across the United States to become the future leaders of our organization. We are seeking highly motivated MBA students who are natural leaders and can bring unique insights to our business issues.

2. How would you define a Leadership Development Program?
The Corporate Development Program (CDP) is a two-year full-time leadership development program, consisting of four, six-month assignments. Through CDP, candidates strengthen business and management capabilities and work directly with senior leaders to drive business critical initiatives. CDP offers the opportunity, through four rotations, to explore different areas of the business and ultimately determine your career path post-program.

3. In your opinion, how does a Development Program fit into your Talent Strategy?
CDP participants make a huge impact to our organization, bringing unique backgrounds and diversity of thought. The program has been around since 1999 and continues to be a priority for our talent needs. We find that graduates of our program tend to stay with the company for a long period of time and quickly progress. While you will find that Liberty employees tend to stay at their jobs for many years, the statistics around CDP retention are particularly impressive; 75% of CDPs are still with the company after 5 years.

4. In what ways are your Development Programs different from other companies’ programs? What makes your program unique?
CDP allows participants to explore our different strategic business units over the two-year program. Each participant works with the a dedicated program manager to create their personalized experience. The program also provides the opportunity to rotate internationally and across different US based offices. The program includes a mentorship component that allows for regular executive exposure. There is also consistent training, programming, and networking opportunities to set each participant up for a successful post-program role.

5. What makes a Leadership Development Program different from a direct hire?
A leadership development program offers participants to start a new role with a cohort of other employees; starting with a network of individuals like yourself that support you throughout the program and beyond. Rotating through several different functional areas offers multiple development experiences and allows participants to try-out different areas of the business and make an informed decision about where they want to go post-program.

6. What advice could you share with a candidate hesitating between a Leadership Development Program and a direct hire position?
Our MBA Development Program is geared towards students with a desire for General Management with a consultative lens. The assignments are focused on strategic decision-making, process improvement and data analytics. We are looking for participants that are willing to try new things and step outside of their comfort zone. CDP participants must be able to get up to speed quickly and exhibit strong communication skills. If you’re looking for the ability to rotate through different assignments, grow your network quickly, and get exposure to executives, the CDP could be a good fit.

7. What makes a great candidate for your Leadership Development Program? What would you specifically be looking for?
Communication is vital to a CDPs success. One must be willing to network to form relationships and get buy in from stakeholders. Project management is also a crucial skill, as participants are responsible for managing projects from start to finish and have specific deliverables.

8. What makes your company’s Leadership Development Program a great career opportunity for your target candidates?
The Corporate Development Program is highly regarded at Liberty Mutual. The program has been around for over 20 years and our leaders are invested in the participants. Over the course of two years, CDPs will have the opportunity to make an immediate impact on several teams across different strategic business units and functional areas. They will form invaluable relationships with senior leaders across the organization and be placed on a fast track to a leadership position.

9. Any additional message/advice you would like to share with interested candidates?
While it’s important to confirm the program or role you’re interested in, make sure you’re also looking into the company culture. For me, Liberty hit on all of my top priorities, including a company that invests in its employees development and diversity and inclusion.


Posted on May 25, 2020       


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Himanshu Monga, June 16, 2020    

Thanks for the insights. I am an MBA student in Germany. I would like to know whether such program is available in Germany or other parts of Europe.