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Keeping Your Focus on Engagement

Providing a truly engaging experience is more than just about providing interesting content. Real engagement involves varieties of interactions and active participation. To sit and watch a presentation can be informative, but to be able to interact and be part of the conversation is a much more effective and engaging experience for all parties involved. Moreover, avoiding repetitiveness by providing a variety of ways in which to engage is just as important as the quality of the individual interactions.

There are various levels of interactions one can use to communicate and engage with candidates. From the top down approach of a Corporate Presentation, to the much more level approach of One.on.One interactions, and everything in between. But the variety of session types is just as important as how they are used in the overall experience.

Different session types have different levels of engagement which are usually inversely proportional to their size. A Corporate presentation can be great for delivering a message to a large audience, but is lacking in two-way communication and can sometimes feel more like a surface level of engagement. Conversely, while One.on.Ones are lacking in the size of audience that they reach, the level of engagement is much more personal, and on a much higher level.

People tend to be naturally more attentive at the beginning of the day than at the end, so it makes sense to structure the event with broader sessions like Presentations and Panels early on, then follow those up with smaller sessions like Round Tables and Coffee Chats, ending with the most engaging session types like One.on.Ones where you are sure to have the full attention of both employer and candidate. Structuring your events this way not only has the advantage of maximizing overall engagement, but it can also make them feel more natural from a social perspective, for candidates to get to know the employers and vice versa, starting on a broader scale in a more formal environment, and ending on a personal note in a more informal environment.

Virtual events have their own set of challenges which set them apart from traditional ones. It can be easy to feel separated or at a distance from those with which we interact when they are on the other side of a screen. Technology should be bringing us closer, not further apart. We are and this is what we do. We have created our platforms with the goal of maintaining that human connection, so that you are focused on the conversation and not where it is taking place. Our aim is to help you take advantage of this virtual space and provide you with an experience which will allow you to create real connections and add value to the interactions that you are trying to create. We would love the opportunity for you to be able to see what is truly possible in this new virtual world.

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Posted on May 11, 2021