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MBA job search strategy, an alternate career and craving to land up chief executive job position

I was going to entitle this article “Alternative careers: from MBA degree to PhD ”. A top MBA coursework specially designed to train managers who are the partway in their career mainly designed to hold manager or above position in a company with a salary to match. However, it is tough to land up a job where almost every MBA candidate holds a more than one master-level degree qualifications otherwise what could be the meaning of less qualified or more qualified this MBA?
Students are mismatched not mainly because they dont know how to showcase their skills, level of education, or employer who thinks the qualification is even worth reading before calling the candidate for the job position.
The initiative was taken by the United kingdom Universities in the form of HEAR report is an excellent way to showcase individual capabilities?
But if an employer thinks a program specially designed for managers is less qualified even for manager position then what are the alternate options keeping the accreditations aside. What should be the right strategy to approach this particular employer?


Posted on August 11, 2019