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Press Release: Hofstede Insights and form a strategic partnership

Hofstede Insights and form a strategic partnership

Hofstede Insights, the global leader in research based culture management, and, an expert on helping students gain insights into the recruiting market and access the right career opportunities, announced a strategic partnership.

The partnership combines Hofstede Insights’ expertise in managing the impact of culture on work life, based on the work of Professor Geert Hofstede in the field of business strategy, culture and change, and’s expertise in the recruiting market. Together, they will help students gain a better understanding of how the values in the workplace are influenced by culture, and help them fully understand the culture of a country before applying for work.

In addition, is now the exclusive global reseller of the Hofstede Insights Culture Compass to all academic institutions.
“The Geert Hofstede Model is the best I have seen that clearly articulates what sets a country culture apart. I was really impressed to see all the insights it gave me as I work with people and clients across the world” said Bilal Ojjeh, CEO of

“The Culture Compass takes the Hofstede model to the next level by providing a personalized recommendation on the cultural elements at play and what to watch out for when working with a particular culture. We are delighted to strike this partnership with Hofstede Insights and bring this outstanding resource to our students, alumni, and schools.”

" provides a valuable one-stop-shop environment for students who are considering to broaden their skill-set by working abroad. We are delighted to partner with to enable international top talent to make well-informed choices on where to work and to strengthen our ties with academic institutions”, said Egbert Schram, Managing Director of Hofstede Insights.

About Hofstede Insights
Hofstede Insights enables its clients to align culture and strategy, solving intercultural and organisational culture challenges by utilizing its effective and proven frameworks based on and inspired by the work of Geert Hofstede. Professor Geert Hofstede conducted one of the most comprehensive studies on national values. His model of national culture consists of six dimensions (Power Distance, Individualism vs Collectivism, Masculinity vs Femininity, Uncertainty Avoidance, Long Term Orientation vs Short Term Orientation, Indulgence vs Restraint).

About helps university students gain insights into the recruiting market and access career opportunities across industries and geographies: +100'000 jobs, +500 Development Programs worldwide, +1'300 employer profiles, and Country Guides on all the major markets. Through the above, Careernomics serves university career services and enables companies to attract, engage with and recruit top talent.

Bilal Ojjeh, CEO
Route des Jeunes 41a, 1227 Geneva, Switzerland
Tel: + 41 (0) 22 343 47 47
Egbert Schram, Managing Director
Arabiankatu 12 00560 Helsinki – Finland
Tel: + 358 45 137 5007


Posted on October 31, 2017       


Sara Heavns, March 30, 2018    

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