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Siemens FEP & CEO* Program - What are we looking for

The aim of the Siemens Finance Excellence Program and CEO* Program is to pave the way for outstanding talents to pursue a long-term international career at Siemens by providing them with exclusive support and facilitation. Many people would like to rise to this challenge - but only a few are truly qualified. The ideal candidate has the willingness to make a full commitment to the program.

When talking about Siemens requirements for FEP and CEO* Program, Stephanie Morawietz, CEO* Program Manager, explains: "We look for very strong academic background and we are very interested in your professional track record so far. This means what kind of challenges did you tackle, did you lead teams - if so through which challenges did you lead this teams, how did you do it etc. We also look for people with outstanding personal skills - we're looking for the makers and shakers, people who really have a genuine desire to shape their environment to the better."

Learn more about Siemens requirements for FEP and CEO* Program in the above video.

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Posted on November 15, 2017