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Talent Talks Roche - Cultural fit & Values

When talking about the cultural fit and values at Roche, SooMin Lee, Perspectives program associate, explains: "A lot of folks that work in the pharmaceutical industry in general have some sense of purpose, and I think that's similar in diagnostics side as well. Healthcare industry is known for people that are joining that have a bit of that attachment to helping others or providing the care. And I think that at Roche is more so than in other companies - we focus a lot on innovation, we focus a lot on getting the access to patients etc. So I think that as an applicant you have to ask yourself whether this is a good fit, whether or not you should apply to this program."

The Perspectives Global Talent Development Program is the flagship rotational development program at Roche, designed to provide a 'rapid fire' induction experience to one of the two divisions of Roche: Pharmaceuticals or Diagnostics. In Perspectives, you are in control of your development. You choose the rotation functions and locations. And start dates are flexible based on your timing.

Learn more about Roche Business Perspectives Program in the above video.

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Posted on December 1, 2017