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Talent Talks: Case Interviews in Consulting - How to prepare for different types of cases

Marc Cosentino, the world’s foremost authority on case interviewing, opinion on how to prepare for different types of cases: "I don't case who's giving the case interview, whether it's Pepsi, Amazon, McKinsey or BCG. They all look for the exact same four things. They look for structure thought, confidence level, communication skills and going beyond the expected answer."

Marc has twenty seven years of experience with case questions. He has written well over a hundred cases, while coaching, preparing and training more than a hundred and fifty thousand students and alumni. He has written three books involving cases and consulting. Cosentino has given workshops to students at colleges and MBA programs for the last twenty seven years and has held training sessions for career services professionals on how to give cases and how to analyze a student’s performance.

Learn more about Case Interviews in Consulting in the above video.

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Posted on November 24, 2017