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Top Programs in Consumer Goods

This article is part of the “2020 Ranking of MBA Development Programs”. At the time of this writing, our Development Program Directory has 535 programs, with this article focusing on the top ten!

The top spots in the Consumer Goods industry in this year’s rankings are AB InBev’s Global MBA Program (USA) and Global MBA Internship and Burger King’s MBA Program, taking first, second and third place respectively. Unsurprisingly, AB InBev has taken some top spots this year, in fact the programs which are ranked first and second in the Consumer category were ranked second and third in our Top Development Programs for the year as well.

It is interesting to note that Amazon is not on this list. While they do sell many consumer goods, and produce a few of their own, the vast majority of the retail side of their business is as a platform for third parties to sell their products. In contrast, all the companies in our ranking for Top Programs in Consumer goods are the primary producers of all the goods which they sell. As a result, while Amazon is clearly one of the world’s largest sellers of consumer goods, we found that including it in this list would skew the results, and consider Amazon to be primarily in the Technology industry.

When taking a closer look at the top programs in Consumer Goods, you will see that over half of thm in this year’s ranking are in the Food and Beverage sector, with the remainder being in Technology and Clothing. This makes sense when you consider that food and beverages have a fairly inelastic demand, so market swings should have a smaller overall impact on those companies, which in turn would allow them a more stable platform and having a constant influx of new talent into the industry should be less of a risk for them.

With that being said, while they don’t make up a majority, the number of programs in our Top 10 this year which are also in the Technology sector have tripled from the previous year, which only had Apple in ninth place. The addition of both Philips and Samsung to our top ranking programs is congruent with many of our other rankings this year, of the sustained and rapid growth of the Technology industry as a whole, and the growing interest of candidates towards industries and careers which also have a technical background or requirements.


#1 AB InBev
Global MBA Program (USA)
You pursued an MBA because you knew you wanted more - more responsibility, more impact, and more challenges. The one-year, high-potential Global MBA Program gives you all of that while helping you learn and grow in your career faster than you imagined. The majority of our Global MBAs start in summer internships that can lead to full-time positions in any area of the company. Some examples of first roles...

#2 AB InBev
Global MBA Internship
Dreaming big is in our DNA. Brewing the world's most loved beers and creating meaningful experiences is what inspires us. We are owners, empowered to lead real change, deliver on tough challenges, and take accountability for the results. We are looking for talent that shares these values, that is ambitious, bold & resilient. We want talent that is looking for fast career growth, cross-functional experiences, global exposure...

#3 Burger King
MBA Program
This is your chance to make your MBA count on a different scale. To stretch your entrepreneurial skills within the walls of a successful global corporation and to show us you could be one of our leadership stars of tomorrow. Along the way, you can expect plenty of direct exposure to our senior leaders as you take personal ownership of business-critical, major-scale challenges...

#4 AB InBev
Global Management Trainee Program
Our GMT Program will give you an in-depth look across the entire organization to prepare you for your fast-track career here at AB InBev. You’ll have the opportunity to make a direct impact on the business and influence key decisions. From entry level to Zone President, everyone has a seat at the table and is expected to bring their best every single day. We immerse you with hands-on experience in various functional areas, from Marketing to Sales to Operations. You’ll work in different breweries and offices and get to know...

#5 Tim Hortons
RBI MBA Program
This is your chance to make your MBA qualification count on a whole different scale; to stretch your entrepreneurial skills within the walls of a successful global corporation and to show us you could be one of our leadership stars of tomorrow. Along the way, you can expect plenty of direct exposure to our senior leadership team as you take personal ownership of business-critical, major-scale challenges...

#6 Apple
Apple Store Leader Program
Learn and grow as you explore the art of leadership at the Apple Store. You’ll master Apple's retail business inside and out through training, hands-on experience and mentorship. As part of a team, you’ll learn through collaboration with those around you. As an individual, you’ll further your personal development by making a real impact on the success of your store. If you’re a natural leader, the Apple Store Leader Program is your opportunity...

#7 Philips
Operational Leadership Development Program
In an unpredictable world where successful businesses increasingly rely on global sourcing, we value agility, flexibility and an out-of-the-box approach in our supply chain professionals as well as a keen sense of responsibility. As you know, having the right products in the right place at the right time has a direct effect on the bottom line. With roles in supply chain logistics, we can provide the opportunity...

#8 Heineken
USA MBA Leadership Program
As an intern in Global Talent & Leadership Development, you will be working together with the Leadership Development Advisor. Amongst other duties, you will be responsible for the coordination of our Leadership 360 Feedback tool and the Insights Discovery personality profiling tool. You will also support the deployment of our global Leadership Development programmes for global top talents. You will be working on programme operations, helping to identify improvement opportunities in addition to providing support to participants…

#9 GAP
Rotational Leadership Development Program
Based in our San Francisco and Asia headquarters, the Leadership Development Program exposes you to the core departments of our Global Supply Chain Organization. With each rotation, you will gain exclusive access to senior leadership, valuable training and resources. Here are just a few of the program highlights. During your rotations, you'll gain knowledge across the company and exposure to all 5 of our brands. Your assignments will take you through all areas of the Global Supply Chain team to help you discover what fits you best. Areas included...

#10 Samsung
MBA Leadership Development Rotational Program
With succession planning in the forefront, Samsung is recruiting high potential MBA graduates for a 24 month, full-time, paid Leadership Development Program, which will provide a diverse set of experiences and learnings, and prepare the associate for a path toward consideration for a leadership position at SEA. The MBA Leadership Development Program provides intensive field-based training in leadership, product marketing, demand generation (sales & marketing), and strategy/operations; enabling the associate to apply these skills in critical roles throughout the company as they begin a career with Samsung. The program also provides access to an instant peer group... has thousands of students from more than 100 business schools
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Posted on July 17, 2020