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What is more important for a business: A good strategy or a leader?

Irving Frydman (Marketing & PR for IT Industry|Content Marketing|Writer|Social Media|LinkedIn Trainer) stated that:

I would pick leadership over strategy because without a good leader, strategy execution will have very little chance of success. So what makes good leaders? They tend to be excellent communicators and know how to translate strategy into action across and deep within the organization. Great leaders build a culture of empowerment and invest heavily in their human capital or people so that leadership becomes engrained in the corporate culture and not exclusive to one person. It really takes a team and everyone (I really do mean everyone!) needs to feel part of it, working towards common goals.

I also believe in the capturing and sharing of what is called "tribal knowledge." Without it, optimal customer value is not delivered. In my little world of marketing, I call it sales enablement so that there are no gaps in marketing strategy and sales execution.

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Posted on January 24, 2014