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Climate Investment Challenge
July 01, 2022

Develop and describe creative financial solutions and innovations addressing the defining challenge of our time - climate change. There is no single right answer. In the battle against climate change and its impacts, ideas across all sectors, topics and regions are important!

The Climate Investment Challenge calls on graduate students to develop and describe creative financial solutions and innovations addressing the defining challenge of our time Ė climate change. This could include identifying untapped climate finance opportunities or developing innovative financial structures or instruments that improve the bankability of climate investments.

The Competition
The Climate Investment Challenge goes through three stages:

In Stage 1, your team will submit a Concept Note of your idea. If your teamís submission is selected, youíll move on to the next stage.

In Stage 2 (the Semi-Finals), your team will be invited to develop a detailed slide-pack of your idea. If your teamís presentation is selected, youíll be moved on to the final stage.

In Stage 3 (the Finals), your team will pitch your idea in front of a top-tier panel of judges from investment banking, private equity, and impact investing.

Submit a Concept Note
The Concept Note will explain the financial challenge/opportunity, the climate impact, and how you plan to capitalise it. The Concept Note template can be downloaded on the apply page.

Deadline: February 25, 2022

Develop a slide deck
If your teamís idea is selected, your team will move on to the Semi-Finals.

Semi-Finalists Announced: March 18, 2022

You will be asked to develop a more detailed slide deck, expanding on your Concept Note and including the financial cashflows of your idea.

Final Pitch to our expert panel
If your presentation is chosen, your team will move to the Finals.

Finalists Announced: May 20, 2021

You will present your idea to an expert panel from industry and academia.

Finals Event: 1 July 2022 @ Imperial College in London

The winning and runner-up teams will be awarded £10,000 and £5,000 respectively.

Students enrolled in a postgraduate degree (Masters, MBA, or PhD-level) at the time of the submission. The challenge is open globally to students from all academic backgrounds. Undergraduate students may participate as long as the leader of the group is enrolled in a postgraduate degree. Students will have to form teams of 2 to 5 members.