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Polit Case Competition (PCC) IMPACT
October 02, 2022

PCC IMPACT is an annual case competition in economics, specifically designed for students who wants to gain more experience within case-solving. All students enrolled at a Danish University at the time of the competition are eligible for a spot, but the case is created with an economist skill set in mind, and participants are evaluated based on this.

PCC Impact Competition is held from October 1st - October 2nd 2022.

Here is what you gain from the experience:

The case is written with an economist skill set in mind and provides a unique opportunity to apply economic theory from your studies to current and real issues in some of the most influential Danish organizations. The emphasis on economics is also reflected in the evaluation of the solutions and as a participant, you should expect quantitative work to a central element to analysis.

The case is specifically designed for novices in case-solving who wish to explore the world of case competitions. Therefore, students in the bachelorís and masterís programs with any level of experience in case-solving can easily participate in PCC IMPACT and boost their problem-solving toolbox.

The PCC IMPACT is a social event that allows your team to solve the case in an inspirational enviroment. We provide your team with goodie bags with all the things you need to crack the case.

Solving the PCC IMPACT case will boost your skills in teamwork, structured problem-solving, economic analysis, and presentation. PCC IMPACT is a learning opportunity for participants and therefore, every team receives feedback on their solution by our judging panel consisting of experienced economists from the case partner, BCG, the university, and other external partners.

Team Information
Participants must fill in their name, email, and education to be able to upload a solution. Also, each participant must upload their CV.

Teams must consist of either three or four members.

You can sign up as an individual and look for teammates to fill up your team using the Find teammates-function on the dashboard. Teams that are not filled up when sign-up closes will be matched by the organization by random.

If the number of teams exceeds our capacity, we will select the teams based on the individual profiles of the teams.

Students enrolled at a Danish university are eligible for a spot. However, participants should bear in mind that PCC IMPACT is a case competition in economics, and solutions are assessed on this

By signing up, you agree that Polit Case Competition can share your information with our partners, including CVs. Polit Case Competition holds the right to keep your information for up to one year after the case competition but will remove any data if requested to do so.

The Case Format

The case is managed through Innoflow. Be sure to keep an eye on the platform as this is where you sign up, download the case material, and hand-in your solution. This is also where we announce the semifinalist teams and post the timetable for the semifinals.

All teams have 8,5 hours (from 10:00 to 18:30) to solve the case. The case material and data can be accessed on Innoflow on October 2nd, 10:00. The solution (slide deck) has to be uploaded on this platform before the deadline in PDF format. We do not accept any late submissions.

All teams will present their solutions in semifinals in front of a panel of judges.