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Global Student Challenge
May 08, 2021

The Global Student Challenge is a spectacular international competition at the highest level full of cultural interaction, networking and team building. Every year, the Global Final week and its exciting Award Ceremony are the highlight of the season!

The Global Student Challenge is so much more than just an international student competition! It offers you the chance to gain valuable knowledge and further develop the skills you learned during your curriculum course. By participating in the Challenge, you will experience the life of a Corporate Executive and run your own virtual company, this is as close as you can get to reality! Ultimately, what we aim to achieve with the Global Student Challenge is to get you noticed by top corporates in search of Supply Chain talent and get recruited for your dream job or internship!

The Challenge, now in its 7th edition, pits teams from top business schools and universities from across the globe against each other in a search for the world’s Top Talent in Supply Chain Management and -Finance. Last year we changed the participation criteria. Whereas in the past, the Challenge was by invitation only for curriculum students, now it is also open to students participating in the Pilot Program. If you don’t have The Fresh Connection or The Cool Connection in your curriculum but still want to participate, talk to your teacher about the simulations and the opportunity to introduce a new learning tool to the class!

The two tracks of the Global Student Challenge, The Fresh Connection and The Cool Connection, come together during the Global Final week for an intense competition among the top supply chain students in the world! Unexpected turns of event will make the battle fierce as teams from both tracks compete for the coveted Global Champion title!

The Simulations
The two simulations that the Challenge is based on are The Fresh Connection (TFC) and The Cool Connection (TCC). In both cases, the challenge is to run your own virtual company with a team of 4. The Fresh Connection is a fresh fruit juice manufacturer and The Cool Connection is a manufacturer of personal care products delivering to retail channels. In both cases your virtual company is suffering severe losses so new management (you and your team!) has been appointed to make the company profitable again by making strategic and tactical decisions.

Together with your team you will each assume an executive roll, such as VP Purchasing or VP Supply Chain, and it is up to you to save the company from bankruptcy! For more detailed information on the simulations visit the websites: The Fresh Connection, The Cool Connection.

Curriculum course:
You will play The Fresh Connection or The Cool Connection in class over the period of time your teacher has decided.
Local Final:
Your teacher will then select students to participate in a tournament of The Fresh Connection or The Cool Connection. This competition is organized locally by your teacher and your school. The winning team will have a guaranteed spot at the Global Final in April/May 2020. Such events include the Russia, California, and the French Regional Final.
Regional Finals:
Aside from the Local Finals three Regional Finals will be held (for those that did not hold a Local Final). These are online events and the winning team is also guaranteed a spot at the Global Final.
The best performing students in class are automatically qualified and invited through the simulation to join one of the Regional Finals.
Global Final:
May 2nd - May 8th 2021
The final phase of the Global Student Challenge! Around 30 teams will battle for the winning spot, the best career opportunities, and cash prizes!