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Shell Ideas 360
July 05, 2018

Shell Ideas360 is more than a global competition that connects students to develop ideas to tackle the pressures on the world’s Food, Water and Energy resources. It’s an exciting journey of learning and discovery. Collaborate with like-minded innovators, Shell experts and mentors to expand your horizons.

The theme of Shell Ideas360 is "People & Planet - the Energy, Water and Food Challenge". All teams will be requested to develop an innovative idea and proposal related to Energy, Water and Food.

Stage 1: Formulate
Register online - Explorer the online community - Join our Learning sessions
Learn and be inspired.
Register and set up your personal profile. You can enter as an individual or as part of a team of up to three people.
You can submit your idea, join learning sessions and explore online communities to shape your idea before submission.

Stage 2: Develop
Selected ideas will have access to:
- A designated mentor
- Expert Development Sessions – support to further develop your idea, Leadership & business skills training to enhance your career
Connect with experts
Connect with your Shell mentor and join the Development Sessions to enhance business skills

Stage 3: Pitch
Finalist teams receive:
- A trip to Make The Future, London
- Intensive coaching
- Opportunity to pitch ideas to senior Shell executives, Innovators and Industry leaders
Refine your skills
Make your idea pitch perfect with coaching, insight and support from senior Shell experts and mentors. Gain VIP access to Make The Future, London.

Why take part in Shell Ideas360?
Shell Ideas360 invites you to become part of an international community of like-minded students and learn skills that will be invaluable for your studies and future career.
The chance to win a 'once in a lifetime National Geographic Adventure'
All ideas submitted to Shell Ideas360 have the chance to be considered by our innovation incubator
If you reach the later stages of the competition, you'll have the support and guidance of Shell experts and mentors
Finalists will be flown to the UK, in June 2017 to present their final ideas. You will also meet an exclusive group of business and thought leaders

The maximum number of students per team is 3.

Who can participate?
Participation in the Competition is open to any person who (i) is, or will be, aged 18 or over by 01/12/2016; and (ii) is currently studying (and is officially registered to continue studying until at least 01/12/2016) as a full time bachelors or masters student at a recognized, degree awarding university or other equivalent higher education establishment (an "Eligible Student").

Judging Criteria

- Novel: How novel or original is the idea?
Your answer should include: What existing idea could you be compared to and why is your idea different? Why is your idea innovative?

- Doable: How easy is it to achieve the idea?
Think about How do-able, achievable or feasible is this idea? What are the obstacles; be realistic and what would you need to deliver this.

- Value: What benefits (business/social/etc.) would the idea deliver? What is the potential value of this idea?
Consider the wider value whether its financial, political, social or technology etc. And don’t try and sell this to Shell. This isn't about Shell, this is about the idea.

- Relevance: How relevant is the idea to the Food/Energy/Water topic?
Many of the ideas touch more than one of the topics, so please consider this in your answer. The greater the relevance, the greater the impact.

- Image
A picture can tell a thousand words, so this year, our reviewers have asked for the image to 'represent' your idea. You can be creative as you like, but remember, this could make or break your entry. A diagram or drawing of your idea, well illustrated, may be a lot easier to understand than trying to explain your idea in a few hundred words.
Stage 1
Each member of a team that submits an idea receives a 3-month subscription to WIRED’s interactive digital edition (accessible on iPad, iPhone and Kindle Fire) and a certificate of participation.

Stage 2
Each member of a team that submits an idea receives a subscription to National Geographic Magazine and a certificate of participation.

Stage 3
Each member of the finalist teams will fly to Make The Future, London and receive a personalized medal and certificate of completion.

Winners: The team will receive the Shell Ideas360 trophy and each member of the team wins a National Geographic Adventure.