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In addition to our own analytics, we are joining forces with two market leaders:

Fragomen, Probably the best law firm that solely focuses on immigration issues, with 40 offices in 20 countries. They are internationally local with offices in every region and services stretching around the world.
Fragomen will help you collect all the needed immigration information to achieve your goals, and guide you through every step of the way, all over the world.

Hofstede-Insights, The ultimate culture experts, based on Geert Hofstede´s pioneering work and 6-D Model, will enable you to solve intercultural and organizational challenges by utilizing its effective and proven framework (Power Distance, Individualism, Masculinity, Uncertainty Avoidance, Long Term Orientation, Indulgence).
To go further, you can use the Culture Compass to compare your culture with the one of the country of your choice.

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