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Identify and research the right employers for you.

We capture the most relevant MBA Employers across industries and geographies. Not only the usual suspects but also niche and local players too. We then assemble in an easy interface all the info you need : facts, MBA-level recruiting activity, culture, networking connections, most popular and latest jobs, and more.

Our purpose is simple: To help you discover quality MBA employers you might have overlooked and to save you time researching them and establishing their fit with your aspirations.

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Tailored for MBAs
The most relevant employers for you, with you preferences taken into account, all under one roof.
+1'000 Employers
Our database offers a wide variety of employers across many industries and locations worlwide.
Global Coverage
We have employers from every continents, so no matter where you are looking to grow, we've got you covered.
Employer Profiles
Including company description, company culture, mission and values, and in select cases, recruitment process and H-1B visas.
Hiring Trends
Where and in what areas emplyoyers are hiring, by industry, functional area, country and more.
Hand Curated
All of our employers are curated by hand to make sure you get the best and most relevant information.
Industry Reports
Reports by industry containing recruitment trends by country, job area, top employers and more.
Overview of jobs by locations, job areas, popular jobs, internships and more.


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