Why a MBA / Leadership Development Program (vs. direct hire)?
Going on different rotations is a great opportunity to get experience in various roles and business areas, and get a high level understanding of how a global company operates.
Most importantly, it is unique opportunity to have access to senior executives and build a strong network within the company.

What are the key advantages / disadvantages of being on a MBA / Leadership Development Program?
- Career fast-track and cross-areas experiences
- Build a network and mentoring from Top management
- Multicultural environment and international mobility during and after the program

- Time investment, effective position at the end of the program (3 years)
- Each rotation is short (a year or so) and requires to adapt quickly and to contribute in a short period of time

How does the MBA / Leadership Development Program fit in your career goals?
Program is a direct path to access P&L responsibility in a relatively short period of time.
Its a great opportunity to become a general manager for a global corporation.

How strongly did you weight the location of the program?
IBM General Manager Leadership development program is specifically targeted at growth markets. So be interested in working in such countries after the program. In addition, the program requires international re-location, therefore geographic mobility is also desired.

What to look for in a MBA / Leadership Development Program?
First is Executive Mentoring,each program participant is mentored by a member of IBM's Performance Team for the duration of the program.
Second is international exposure, the program consists of three assignments over the course of 3 years, including at least one international assignment.
Finally, exposure to different positions to gain first-hand knowledge of a global organization.

Can you summarize the recruiting process you went through and how long it took?
2 Rounds of interviews:
*) 1st Round in your region: (depending where your school is located)
- 1 behavioral interview
- 1 case interview with a senior partner at IBM Global Business Service
*) 2nd Round in the US at IBM Headquarters - Two day assessment center:
All the interviews are with IBM senior management
- 1 behavioral interview
- 1 case interview
- 1 group case interview
- Networking events with IBM executives

What were the required skillsets and prior experience and how were they evaluated (behavioral interviews, case studies, assessment center, panel interview, etc)?
The program is targeted for growth markets and requires international re-location during the 3-year rotation. Therefore, a strong international work experience and preferably in growth market is expected. Behavioral interviews have a strong emphasis on the ability to manage diversity and perform well in multi-cultural environments.
Strong analytical and interpersonal skills are also sought after during individual and group case interviews.

What advice and tips can you share with those interested in MBA Development Programs?
Development programs often represent a significant time commitment. Pursuing such program should be aligned with one's long term career plans and the program's goals.