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1. Why an MBA / a Leadership Development Program (vs direct hire)?
I was a direct hire that saw the path to achieving my career dreams (working internationally in in Emerging Markets) to be available through the Esprit program. Getting in to the program was challenging, as it looks to bring talent from the outside in. I was the 3rd internal hire for the program.

2. What are the key advantages / disadvantages of being on an MBA / a Leadership Development Program?
Humungous amount of breadth experience gained. The ability to work across and influence company culture is available. The ability to set you’re your own course and choose the skills you want to enhance is available through the program. The disadvantages include not being able to become a deep level expert on any one thing and moving around every year for 4 years can also be challenging in terms of a personal life. Lastly, and perhaps the biggest challenge is navigating offboarding in an organization that values deep expertise when broad expertise is what you spent your development program honing.

3. How does the Leadership Development Program fit in your career goals?
Esprit fit my career goals perfectly – it allowed me international exposure, gave me opportunities to stretch beyond what I knew was possible, provided opportunity to develop a network of incredibly bright and expert level colleagues/friends, supported me in demonstrating/honing agile performance and the ability to adapt.

4. How strongly did you weight the location of the program?
The fact that I was guaranteed international work was my impetus for applying to the program