Why a MBA / Leadership Development Program (vs. direct hire)?
With a MBA LDP we get the opportunity to know the company and their processes, liaise with top management and build a good network. We don't need to have the right experience for this position whereas in direct hire we must be able to have previous experience concerning the position we are applying for.

What are the key advantages / disadvantages of being on a MBA / Leadership Development Program?
Build Network
Exposure with Top management
Opportunity to show our motivation and capabilities. Be accountable indirectly or directly in different missions
Multicultural environment, different languages (depending on the company)
Career path change if wanted.
In order to take a current position with responsibility it will take us at least 2 years.
We have to be quik learners and high contributors from the first day ( seen also as an advantage, depending on each one profiles).
We are seen as high potentials, therefore we are on the spotlight in every project we are involved with.
We are supposed to be adaptable to different working environments and cultures

How does the MBA / Leadership Development Program fit in your career goals?
It totally fit, because I was looking to make a change in my career path and allowed me to change industries and collaborate with top management in key projects, helping on the development of the strategy and action plans.

How strongly did you weight the location of the program?
In my opinion it is quite important, at least 60%, because international missions will give you real corporate view of the business and division. Meeting people from different countries and cultures and expand your network

What to look for in a MBA / Leadership Development Program?
Exposure with management
Learning period
Experience on the field
International Missions
Accountability from the first day
Career path and mid term goals

Can you summarize the recruiting process you went through and how long it took?
2 days Assessment Centre:
Dinner with candidates and recruiters
2 days workshops
Final decision taken in 2 days after the workshop. The process was quick and sharp.

What were the required skillsets and prior experience and how were they evaluated (behavioral interviews, case studies, assessment center, panel interview, etc)?
Individual presentations (case studies given in advance),
Group dynamics: managing conflict and collaborating solving together problems and delivering a small project in a short period of time
Behavioral interviews: with 2 different recruiters (panel interview)

What advice and tips can you share with those interested in MBA Development Programs?
Be clear on your motivations on joining a company on a MBA LDP, be yourself on your assessment centre and you have to open to change and to meet people with a lot of different backgrounds. Always willing to contribute and solve problems, client focused.