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Secrets From Best Companies All Stars

By Claire Zillman

Over the course of its 20-year history, Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For list has featured a total of 452 different employers as firms have found their way on the list, then off, and sometimes back on again. But 12 companies have remained constant, meaning they have made the list every year for 20 straight years. We’ll call them “the Legends.” Who are they? Cisco, REI, Wegmans, TDIndustries, Publix, Marriott, SAS Institute, W.L. Gore & Associates, Whole Foods, Goldman Sachs, Four Seasons, and Nordstrom.

The group is a study in variety, from financial giants to a family-owned grocer, but they each possess some of the hallmarks of a Best Company: Goldman and REI offer fully paid sabbaticals; SAS, Marriott, Cisco, and Publix offer on-site childcare; six of the 12 give employees paid time off to volunteer. Eight of the 12 allow for job sharing, 11 offer compressed workweeks, and 10 provide college-tuition reimbursement.

But there’s one thread that runs across all dozen companies: Their generous treatment of employees is not reserved for full-time staffers. Many aspects of it extend to part-time workers too.

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Posted on March 10, 2017       


John van der Laan, March 17, 2017    

Company benefits and offered perks are key company selection criteria, especially for high potentials who are able to pick their favorite employer. I find it weird that many highly valued companies tend to forget to really work on these items, although most promise a lot at the job adds. Obviously it is aspirational but not policy.