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Will an MBA earn you more money?

Reported by Karen Gonsalves - Dongrila Inc. Editorial Board

MBA degrees enjoy great prestige in Asia, with the lure of bigger salaries and a passport to a new, high-flying career – but is a postgrad degree just the new normal?

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) brand is steeped in tradition and prestige. It’s a brand that has been built over 107 years, since eight people received the world’s first MBA degree from Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration in 1910.

Today the MBA is among the world’s most popular and respected postgraduate degrees and people are enrolling in ever-increasing numbers at the thousands of business schools across the globe.

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Posted on October 3, 2017       


Maria den, October 7, 2017    

first class factor and I acknowledge as valid with most extreme of what you're articulating. I discovered bounty more prominent in four years as a naval force officer than I might need to learn at ANY MBA application. be that as it may, armed force delight in best is going hitherto on a resume. individuals are fulfilled to thanks on your administration, yet it appears to avert speedy at going for broke with the guide of employing and remunerating you at an abnormal state.

Enrique Richard, October 16, 2017    

Regarding pay, the money related result in the wake of accomplishing a MBA can elate or disillusioning relying upon a man's goal. As per a recent report by Poets and Quants, a few graduates made near twice as much as others in light of the field they entered.

Kellim Worthington, October 21, 2017    

If you are looking for a big ambition to launch your business, you'll need to think through the value of the "name" of the program you are going to join. Highly graded MBA programs are much more likely to provide you with an advanced salary than ones that no one has heard of.