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Why it took me so long to find a job post-MBA

By Ewelina Krzyzanowska 348. That’s how many days it took me to find a job after my MBA. Which also happens to be the number of times I was asked “How come you don’t have a job yet? What’s taking so long?” (cue eye roll) I embarked on my MBA journey almost two years ago (more if you count the countless hours spent studying for the dreaded GMAT) and if I am being completely honest, I went in...
Zana Z., Admin | July 6, 2017 1   
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How to Determine a Firm's Optimal Capital Structure

“What do you think from below which option better for growing company: 1) Debt Equity ratio 1:1; 2) Debt Equity ratio 2:1 or 3) Only Debt ?” Recently, I read the above question posted by a fellow in LinkedIn. Without knowing the firm’s specific situations, I don't intent to pin point the specific question, but in general, the two components of every balance sheet debt can be technically framed...
Yunxiang Fan, Imperial College Business School '18 | May 18, 2017 0   

CEO Checklist: What I Would Look for in a Company if I Graduated Tomorrow

By Rick Goings The three key traits recent grads should look for in employers. It’s a tough landscape these days, for employers and employees alike. Companies face pressure to maintain financial success while integrating new technologies into their business models. Millennials are now the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, and are competing for limited jobs available. If I were lo...
Zana Z., Admin | May 12, 2017 0   
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The Price of a Haircut

A haircut is a necessity (for most) and is a repeat activity which we get done periodically. I have moved to Tilburg and have found the price of a haircut to be quite high here. I paid EUR 29 which is a big amount for a student like myself. This got me thinking how a haircut should be priced and what factors determine the price. Pricing of a haircut can be fixed in 2 ways: Fixed Pricing: Th...
Manish HADA, TIAS School For Business And Society '17 | March 8, 2017 0   

Monte Carlo Simulation Application

The Manhattan Project, nothing short of the collection of superheroes in the field of science, was a platform from which breakthroughs in the field of computation and simulation took place. An invention by a Polish American mathematician – Stanislaw Ulam changed the face of computation. During recovering from surgery Ulam had thought of playing hundreds of games of solitaire and find out statisti...
Sayan Sarkar, WHU - Otto Beisheim School Of Management '17 | October 13, 2016 1   

The Business Schools Where Students Most Want To Go In 2016

Ready4, a Boston-based company that creates test prep app, recently released its annual list of the most desired business schools around the world. It surveyed over 250'000 prospective MBA students from 195 countries and asked them to name the top 10 schools they'd like to attend. "Finance still dominates the field for all schools, but there has been a shift toward technology in recent years. ...
Zana Z., Admin | October 3, 2016 1   
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Top Development Programs in Finance

Part of the "2016 Ranking of MBA Development Programs", this report identifies the Top 10 Development Programs in Finance. Siemens Finance Excellence Program, Goldman Sachs New Associate Program and UBS Associate Program Wealth Management were the top programs in Finance. Some programs like the Deutsche Bank Associate Internship Programs recruit globally for Asia, Europe, Oceania, North an...
Emma Latini, Admin | August 19, 2016 0   
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Top Development Programs in the Financial Services Industry

Part of the "2016 Ranking of MBA Development Programs", this article identifies the top 10 programs in the Financial Services. GE Experienced Commercial Leadership Development Program Europe, Goldman Sachs New Associate Program and UBS Associate Program Wealth Management were the top programs in the Financial Services Industry. Noteworthy is that all the Development Programs are full-time...
Emma Latini, Admin | August 18, 2016 0   
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CFO Options and what it means for Pokemon Go

CFOs can transform their businesses in multiple ways. Watch these two minutes (starting 2:11) that are worthy of any finance lecture. What would you do if you were the CFO of Nintendo? Bilal
Bilal Ojjeh, Admin | August 1, 2016 0   

Development Programs gaining momentum among MBA Students

MBA Students are increasingly interested in the fast-track careers offered by the MBA Development Programs. They searched our directory almost 200'000 times, to identify the right programs for them. This is an 80 % increase from the previous year. We are happy to share their most popular programs in our 2016 Ranking of MBA Development Programs. Let us know what you think, share with colleag...
Zana Z., Admin | June 13, 2016 0   
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